Easy Rider’s Dennis Hopper Passes

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Dennis Hopper, the iconic actor well known for the motorcycle counter-culture movie ‘Easy Rider’ (1969), died Saturday in Venice, California, from prostate cancer complications.

Back in September of last year, it was reported that Hopper had been rushed to a Manhattan hospital by an ambulance wearing an oxygen mask and many tubes. He was later discharged after receiving treatment for dehydration.

On October 29, Hopper’s manager reported that Hopper has been diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. In January 2010 it was reported that Hopper’s cancer had metastasized to his bones.

At around the same time he filed for divorce from his fifth wife, Victoria Duffy, citing her outrageous and volatile conduct. Hopper was granted a restraining order against her but the divorce was never finalized.

"I wish Victoria the best, but only want to spend these difficult days surrounded by my children and close friends," said the Hopper in a statement released on Jan. 18, 2010.

Hopper was very ill and was unable to undergo chemotherapy to treat his prostate cancer. Hopper reportedly weighed only 100 pounds and was unable to carry on long conversations. His lawyer reported on March 25 that he was dying from cancer.

The 74-year-old Oscar-nominated filmmaker and noted visual artist and art collector was remembered for his passion and dedication to movies and to his friends.

Peter Fonda, co-star in "Easy Rider" (1969): "Dennis introduced me to the world of Pop Art and ‘lost’ films. We rode the highways of America and changed the way movies were made in Hollywood. I was blessed by his passion and friendship."

"Easy Rider was never a motorcycle movie to me," Hopper said in 2009. "A lot of it was about politically what was going on in the country."

Isabella Rossellini, co-star in "Blue Velvet" (1986): "When I first met Dennis on the set of ‘Blue Velvet,’ he had just come out of rehab. I was afraid of him, but Dennis turned out to be infinitely kind, compassionate and understanding. He had gone to hell and came back from it with great wisdom. It will take me a while to realize and accept he isn’t with us any longer."

Gene Hackman, co-star in "Hoosiers" (1986): "As an actor, one is always taken by someone who is different. An iconoclast, Dennis was an artist and I will always treasure having worked with him. He will be missed."

Born: Dennis Lee Hopper on May 17, 1936 in Dodge City, Kansas, U.S.

Died: May 29, 2010 (aged 74) in Venice, California – "I never thought I’d live to be 30," Hopper said.

Occupation: Actor, Director and Artist

Years Active: 1955-2010 – "I’ve done over 150 movies. A lot of them, unfortunately, are only seen in Eastern Europe and Fiji, and they love bad movies there by the way," Hopper said.

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