Aspar Moto2: From RSV To Suter Chassis

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Two races into the 2010 Moto2 motorcycle racing season the Mapfre Aspar Team has decided to change from the RSV chassis to Suter.

The Spanish team used the Italian frame to challenge for pole position in the opening two rounds with Julián Simón, but a lack of available testing time to develop the prototype and increase its competitiveness over race distance has left them with little option but to take swift and decisive action.

The RSV engineers worked diligently to develop their Moto2 chassis although with little testing time available in preseason the chassis has not moved on at the same pace as its rivals.

Making major changes from one race to the next slows down development and for a team who expect to be challenging for the title this is not an ideal situation.

One solution would have been to run a test team in the Spanish Championship but as that series uses different tyres it was ruled out.

The Mapfre Aspar Team, with two World Champion riders and international sponsors to satisfy, are committed to challenging for the inaugural Moto2 World Championship title and have decided to switch to Suter, who currently lead the series.

Julián Simón and Mike Di Meglio will use the Swiss chassis from the next race, the French Grand Prix at Le Mans, with a test scheduled for this Thursday at Albacete.

Jorge Martínez (Aspar) says: "The RSV is a competitive bike but the Mapfre Aspar Team has two World Champions in the garage and they can't be spending time on development during the season."

"The sponsors and the team itself demand a challenge for victory from the very outset and so we have decided to switch to Suter, who have enjoyed contrasting levels of success already and currently lead the Moto2 standings. We feel it is the right choice for us as we look to mount a challenge for the title, starting at the next race."

"The relationship with RSV is excellent but we have a responsibility to do all we can to have the most competitive material available and for that reason we have decided to make the change now."


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