Triumph ParkinGO | Monza Day 2

Saturday Results

The Monza pole position was a two-rider affair. Giuliano Rovelli and Fabrizio Perotti battled on the track, exchanging positions in the second qualifying practice of the ParkinGO European Series.

Perotti won the battle today but Rovelli will not give up without a fight in race tomorrow . Zanatello and Mazzina qualified in the front row, while Salom, Marzotto, De Nardi( who wore the new livery) and Nicastro will make up the second row.

Very interesting speeds for the Street Triple today as Fabrizio Perotti reached 248 kmph in qualifying.
Everybody’s focus shifts now to tomorrow’s race that will take place in front of a crowd of 90.000 people.

Fabrizio Perotti says: "I’ll give it my all to grab the win and extend my lead in the tables but it’s certainly not going to be easy as Rovelli was very fast in all practice sessions".

Giuliano Rovelli says: "The only result I’m interested in tomorrow is the victory . Perotti is a great rider but Monza is my track".

Qualifying 2nd Session

1. 43 Perotti F. (ITA) Street Triple R 1’56.693
2. 23 Rovelli G. (ITA) Street Triple R 1’57.344
3. 47 Zenatello F. (ITA) Street Triple R 1’58.377
4. 44 Mazzina M. (ITA) Street Triple R 1’59.211
5. 25 Salom T. (ESP) Street Triple R 2’00.220
6. 33 Marzotto M. (ITA) Street Triple R 2’01.736
7. 84 De Nardi S. (ITA) Street Triple R 2’02.662
8. 19 Nicastro C. (ITA) Street Triple R 2’05.126
9. 73 Rovelli P. (ITA) Street Triple R 2’05.518
10. 9 Annoni E. (ITA) Street Triple R 2’06.918
11. 7 Blumetti P. (ITA) Street Triple R 2’07.732
12. 93 Mariage F. (FRA) Street Triple R 2’10.098
13. 1 Anaclerio R. (ITA) Street Triple R 2’12.660