Ducati D16 GP10 RR… Conceptual Design

Ducati Art

When the first images of the new 2010 Ducati GP10 MotoGP bike appeared along side Nicky Hayden and Casey Stoner, the creative team at sak_art design had an idea. What if Ducati produced the second coming of the Desmosedici RR based on the GP10 800cc machine?

It appears that the MotoGP Championship will return to 1000cc displacement motorcycles in 2012. So quite possibly we are seeing some of the last 800cc V-4s from Ducati.

So a tribute to the racebike that Casey Stoner used to win the World Championship in its 2007 debut year might be in order. As well, the 800cc Desmosedici has since gone on to win a total 20 races in 3 years and has given the sak_art design team the further inspiration for this project bike.

The designers proposed the road going components and special livery package for the GP10’s conceptual design.

Starting with the GP10, they then added a headlight central on the nose, all the "road" accessories as well as the wheels and front suspensions from the Desmosedici RR 1000cc. They covered the air ducts with high-tech looking "bee-nest" grids.

Underneath, the replica is kitted as the first road bike utilizing the all new carbon fiber chassis & rear swinging arm from Ducati’s "simplified motorcycle" patent they filed just months ago.

For the livery concept they applied some "black areas" on the layout. These areas help create a graphic bi-chromatic solution that gives the Desmosedici a lighter expression. The black ribbon on the bodywork contains the Ducati Logo and the "D16 GP1O RR" inscription.

The first MotoGP replica design is in the classic "Red-Black". Later the sak_art design team dressed the Ducati D16 GP10 RR with other 3 colors: "Yellow", "Purple" and the very elegant "Vintage Silver".


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