2010 MV Agusta F4 | First Ride

2010 F4 Review

First impressions are of a very complete albeit a new package from MV Agusta. The new 2010 MV Agusta F4 is a lighter, faster and stronger superbike. Already world-famous for a beauty surpassing most other superbikes, MV Agusta has provided a fresh look to the iconic sensual lines of the new 2010 MV Agusta F4 while still preserving its design spirit.

The F4 legacy carries on and Tamburini himself signed off the new project before any of us were allowed to see it last year at the EICMA show. At the Misano racetrack test setting, the it is very noticeable that the new F4 carries a full 22 lbs less dead weight as the directional changes are much easier than on the old MV 1078 R.

The new 2010 F4 seat and cockpit area is much roomier and even towards the term “comfortable” at least when speaking about the top-end Italian superbikes. The chassis felt sublime as always with the difference that it now obeys the rider with less effort.

The brand new 998cc superbike engine from MV Agusta is immensely powerful in the high revs while offering good push in the midrange. Either second gear was too high or the torque response was sufficiently strong as I continuously chose second to first in what essentially are first gear corners on Misano.

Despite having a high quality steering damper, the front kept shaking far into third gear on the slightly bumpy back straight. Serious horsepower and my lack of taking the time to optimize the suspension settings to my own weight are mostly likely reasons. The rear Sachs shock may have been too soft to cope with my weight but only at this point on Misano race circuit.

The MV Agusta eight-level traction control could be felt on level 4 when I wanted full throttle as the system refused and saved the rear from spinning-up. However a little wheel spin is only good so I adjusted down to level one on the last two sessions.

In my eyes the 2010 F4 is as gorgeous to look at as always and perhaps even more so now that the superbike is even narrower.

There has been some excitement surrounding the future ownership of an MV Agusta in the last few months. I’ll wrap it up in this way; in the past we’ve had the Tamburini and CC (Claudio Castiglioni) special models. My bet is on a future “SB” special model. “SB” standing for Silvio Berlusconi. Photos by Fotomoto.it

Stay tuned as full tests of the 2010 MV Agusta F4 are on the way from Ultimate Motorcycling.