Bimota HB4 enters Moto2 at Jerez

Bimota HB4 Moto2

Thai Honda PTT SAG is getting ready to start the 2010 Moto2 season. The team managed by Eduardo Perales will take part to Moto2 class and will be the only one to use the Italian chassis Bimota. Thai Honda PTT-SAG rider, Ratthapark Wilairot, will arrive on Monday in Sant Fruitós del Bages, the town where he lives during the racing season.

In the winter break, Wilairot tested 600cc bikes on different Thai circuits with his father and his brother in order to "readapt" to the four-stroke riding style. In fact, this is not something new for Wilairot, since he used to race four-stroke bikes in Thailand before moving up to the World Championship.

For the fourth year, Wilairot will ride for the Barcelona-based structure. Thai Honda PTT Sag will make its first appearance at Jerez Circuit from March 27th to March 29th, where Wilairot will have the first contact with the Bimota HB4 bike he will be riding throughout Moto2 season. There, the Thai rider will have the opportunity to meet up with his rivals.

Ratthapark Wilairot Quote

"It has been a long wait but, finally, I am back to the World Championship. I am very happy about this because motorcycling is a sport to which I devoted part of my life. I am part of Stop and Go Racing Team managed by Eduardo Perales, the team that has been with me since my first steps in the World Championship."

"During the Winter break, I carried on with my physical preparation, but I also added a technical training. I rode a 600cc bike in different Thai circuits. This training has been really productive because the new Moto2 class is going to be highly competitive."

"Just two riders will be riding the Bimota HB4, and I am one of them. The exclusive use of this chassis will allow a close contact with the Italian brand and will be a decisive factor for the development of the bike."