Dungey makes good with Decoster

SX Dallas

Ryan Dungey took control early in the day on Saturday at round 11 of the AMA Supercross Series and never let go, taking the top spot every chance he got. With the best SX practice time of the day and a decisive win in his heat race, Rockstar Makita Suzuki’s Dungey was in top form going into the main Supercross event on Saturday night where he led for nearly the entire race.

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"It was awesome," Dungey said after his win. "Everyone did a great job and we made some good changes and things were clicking right away and I was really happy with that. I put together a good heat, and when I got to the main event I was just trying to get out front."

"When I got in the lead, I just tried to put in consistent laps. Around the whole track, my RM-Z was working great, and the Dunlop tires did a great job."

Team Manager Roger Decoster was happy with Dungey’s entire day of racing, from practice to podium.

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"The last 2 weeks, Ryan was really conservative," Decoster said. "And when you’re in the points lead, that’s kind of the tendency. You have a points lead to protect, and the other guy has no choice but to try to reel you in. But there’s a fine line between being conservative and aggressive enough."

Dungey made some key passes at the start of the race that set him up for the entire 20 laps.

The win marks Dungey’s fourth of the 2010 season and stretches his points lead to 24 points ahead of second place.

In the Eastern Regional Lites class, Rockstar Makita Suzuki’s Austin Stroupe was also setting himself up for a great night. Stroupe was the second fastest after qualifying practice, and he went on to win his heat race.

Stroupe was consistent and smooth on the track going into the main event, where he shot out of the gate and was approaching the holeshot when a number of racers failed to negotiate the first turn and took out many riders.

Stroupe got caught in the tangle and went down, suffering a mild concussion. After the crash, Stroupe managed to put together a strong effort despite his injury and finished in fifth, gaining two points on the series leader.

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"There was a lot of bad luck for Stroupe," Decoster said. "It’s a shame that we didn’t win tonight, because Austin was looking like he was the fastest guy out there. But it’s awesome that our support team, the Rockstar Energy Suzuki team, took the win."

"I’m really happy for Blake Baggett and Bill Keefe. It’s pretty awesome. He did a good job and got a little bit lucky, but he kept it together at the end and ran a smart race."

The 2010 Supercross series moves to Jacksonville, Florida, on Saturday, March 27 for Round 12.

AMA Supercross Race Results
1. Ryan M Dungey
2. David D Millsaps
3. Trey G Canard
4. Ryan D Villopoto
5. Justin D Brayton
6. Joshua R Hill
7. Kevin W Windham
8. Kyle P Chisholm
9. Jason D Lawrence
10. Thomas K Hahn
11. Michael Byrne
12. Nicholas A Wey
13. Ivan Tedesco
14. Chris Blose
15. Heath D Voss
16. Jason W Thomas
17. Ryan D Clark
18. Matt Boni
19. Ryan Morais
20. Kyle J Regal

Supercross Championship Points
1. Ryan M Dungey 239
2. Ryan D Villopoto 215
3. Joshua R Hill 192
4. David D Millsaps 174
5. Kevin W Windham 161
6. Justin D Brayton 152
7. Ivan Tedesco 143
8. Nicholas A Wey 122
9. Kyle P Chisholm 105
10. Thomas K Hahn 100

AMA Eastern Regional SX Lites Race Results
1. Blake Baggett
2. Ryan Sipes
3. Justin L Barcia
4. Martin Davalos
5. Austin L Stroupe
6. Matthew J Lemoine
7. Christophe Pourcel
8. Michael L Willard
9. Taylor C Futrell
10. Steven J Clarke
11. Brett Metcalfe
12. Adam B Chatfield
13. Tyler A Wharton
14. Justin M Sipes
15. Les Smith
16. James A Decotis
17. Troy K Adams
18. Jake Moss
19. Darryn L Durham
20. Levi Kilbarger

Eastern Regional Lites SX Overall Points
1. Christophe Pourcel 109
2. Austin L Stroupe 104
3. Justin L Barcia 84
4. Ryan Sipes 77
5. Brett Metcalfe 75
6. Blake Baggett 71
7 Dean A Wilson 71
8 Martin Davalos 47
9 Nico A Izzi 41
10 Kyle B Cunningham 40