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WERA Motorcycle Roadracing, Inc. (WERA) and Youth Road Racing USA (YRR) are proud to announce a collaborative effort to promote and develop youth roadracing in America.

As the official sponsor of the WERA Mini Race series, YRR will utilize its StepUp program to provide youngsters a graduated process for developing their racing skills and acquiring a WERA competition license.

The YRR StepUp program cultivates young racers through skill-building exercises and exposing them to the racetrack in a safe and controlled environment. The program has helped the evolution of 2008 U.S. Red Bull Rookie Cup Champion, Benny Solis, Jr., 2009 USGPRU 125GP runner up Ryan Matter and many other up-and-coming competitors. With this WERA collaboration, YRR’s StepUp program is now connected to racing through select WERA events nationwide.

Josiah Taulbee Speaks… YRR Founder & President

"The StepUp program has been a key component of Youth Road Racing USA’s progression, and has provided numerous kids a safe environment in which to prepare for professional roadracing," says YRR Founder & President, Josiah Taulbee.

"Now, with WERA’s support and our sponsorship of its Mini Series, we can enhance the StepUp program and properly prepare kids for the next level of their racing careers by offering WERA licensing through on-track instruction nationwide."

WERA has allowed youngsters to race in its Sportsman series since its inception and recently added 50cc and 80cc minis to select racetracks five years ago. By aligning the efforts of WERA and YRR, the organizations will bridge the gap between youth and professional competition. YRR will head up the effort to promote WERA events to local youth racing programs across the country.

Evelyne Clarke Speaks… WERA President

"WERA Motorcycle Roadracing is happy to partner with the Youth Road Racing USA program and give young riders another avenue to craft their skills and give them a way to make their dreams of being a motorcycle roadracer come true," says WERA President, Evelyne Clarke.

"Many world-caliber riders have come from the WERA Motorcycle Roadracing community. To now have YRR as a part of that community will only help boost the fortunes of these future roadracing stars."

Catch the WERA Mini Series roadrace events supported by Youth Road Racing USA at all of the five remaining Lucas Oils WERA West rounds as well as regional races east of the Mississippi at Beaver Run, Nashville, Talladega, Jennings GP, Summit Point and Carolina Motorsports Park events. Participating YRR riders and associations will receive a 50 percent discount on WERA’s license fee.


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