2010 Auto Moto | Scooter Preview

3-Wheel Scooter

The long awaited launch of The Auto Moto has finally come, and dealerships nationwide are eagerly prepping the scooters to get them out onto their showroom floor. “We are very excited for the launch,” said the company VP of Marketing Ben Weiss. “We have been working very hard to develop a product and a customer experience that exceeds industry standards and we are delighted to finally share it with the public.”

The Auto Moto is a three wheel scooter with one wheel in the front and two wheels in the back. The scooter incorporates a rocker system that allows the cab to rock from side to side when carving through turns, while its two back wheels and engine remain firmly planted on the ground. The cab itself seats two and is covered by a full roof and windshield; a design element that is both practical and unique. Some of the standard features of The Auto Moto include a stereo system with MP3 connection, a large lockable trunk, a cell phone call recognition system, an ABS front disk brake, and an alarm system.

The scooters, which are easily identified by their three wheel design and distinct semi enclosed cab, have been causing quite a stir over the past several months. Preorders for the trikes were taken as early as January of 2009, but since they are not sold directly to the public, consumers had to wait anxiously until the launch date to buy their vehicles from a local dealership. “I was counting down the days until my Auto Moto arrived at the dealership, and when I finally had the chance to ride it off the lot I was absolutely thrilled,” said a customer who had been waiting patiently since May to purchase her vehicle.

The company behind The Auto Moto Corporation, is based out of Los Angeles California. They currently have a strong dealer base of scooter and powersports dealers spread throughout the country, and are continuing to reach out to dealerships nationwide.


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