Ducati C’N’C Black Dogo Monster

Ducari Monster

When fashion designer Ennio Capasa launched his C’N’C Costume National diffusion line last year in Milan, little did we know that his passion for motorcycles would drive the fulfillment of his dream of building a Ducati.

Collaborating with NCR-Poggipolini and design specialist Simone Falcetta, Capasa drew upon his industrial design background to create this highly individual and futuristic custom Monster.

Inspired by the Testastretta-engined S4Rs and likened to the Argentine Mastif, the Ducati C’N’C Black Dogo Monster reverses typical design elements to take a street-going motorcycle and adapt it for off-road excursions.


From the bike’s aggressive front with its dark, opaque headlights to its curved, dove-like mudguard, the result is a gleaming, powerful machine that substitutes a monitor for an instrument panel and video cameras for rear view mirrors—features as yet unavailable on production motorcycles.

The tank is covered with black elephant leather; elastic bands are attached to hold various riding essentials. Unlike the white Dogo, the frame here is shiny black and metal with radiant compact mufflers and smooth matte black fairing.

Notes Ducati CEO Federico Minoli, “It is testament to the passion and creativity that Ducati continues to enjoy in the worlds of fashion and design.”



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