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New Wiley X Eyewear Jake High Velocity Protection

Introducing The New Wiley X Eyewear Jake Providing Motorcyclists High Velocity Protection.

Serious motorcycle enthusiasts know how crucial it is to protect themselves while on the road - from waterproof/windproof and moisture-wicking garments to helmets, gloves and leathers, riders know how important it is to have the right gear while cruising down the highway.

Alpinestar-engineered Debuts Triumph Motorcycle Apparel

Alpinestar-engineered Riding Apparel Debuts at Triumph Motorcycle Dealerships.

Triumph and Alpinestars have collaborated to create the ‘Triumph engineered with Alpinestars' line of technical riding apparel. The high performance apparel combines the distinctive Triumph look and premium Alpinestars design for a unique line of men's and women's jackets, pants, gloves and boots as well as a men's suit.

Scorpion EXO Releases 2009 Motorcycle Catalog

Scorpion EXO Releases 2009 Motorcycle Catalog.

The latest motorcycle field guide to Scorpion's Exoskeletal Protection Systems was unveiled at the Dealer Expo in Indianapolis this past weekend. This 100 page compendium is packed with the latest innovations from the leaders in powersports protective apparel.

Motorcycle Sunglasses Extreme Speed Testing

Motorcycle Sunglasses Extreme Speed Testing on 7EYE, Wiley-X and Gatorz.

We recently enlisted the help of skydivers to test motorcycle sunglasses. For three consecutive years this unique approach has been used to evaluate how many of the most popular brands perform at extreme speeds. The glasses that exceeded expectations were Wiley-X, 7EYE and Gatorz. The glasses that did not do well are scattered throughout cornfields north of Skydive Dallas.

7EYE | Purpose-Built Motorcycle Sunglasses

Motorcycle Eyewear

Riding a street motorcycle without a full-face helmet requires some serious eye protection. Riding at a good clip introduces hazards such as bugs, dust, debris, sun and even excessive airflow that can be uncomfortable and outright dangerous. Last time we rode with non-purpose built motorcycle sunglasses, I vowed to look for a better alternative.

Key Elements for Cold Weather Riding

Man for All-Four Seasons

This winter is the first I have stopped riding when it drops below 30 degrees. Having ridden in the Northeastern U.S. for over twenty years-with roughly the last seventeen of those consisting of year-round riding-I have clearly come to embrace the experience of cold weather cruising.

Wiley X Eyewear Announces Motorcycle Sweepstakes Tour

Wiley Partners With Custom Bike Builder Arlen Ness for Custom Chopper Giveaway.

High performance and good looks has made Wiley X® Eyewear an industry leader for more than 22 years, providing protective eyewear for the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and high-speed enthusiasts in various retail sectors, to name a few. Now Wiley X is joining forces with another powerhouse — Arlen Ness — and is sharing its vision for high speed safety and success on the road and off with the new Wiley X High Velocity Protection Sweepstakes Tour.

Nolan N-Com vs. Cardo Scala Rider | Motorcycle Intercoms

Bluetooth Shakedown

Years ago, I bought a Chatterbox helmet communication system to be able to talk wirelessly to my motorcycle riding buddies while roaming around the east coast. That particular setup was very primitive by today's standards, but it showed me the possibilities for adding music and communication to my moto experience.

AGV GP-Tech 5 Continents | Rossi Helmet

Motorcycle Helmet

Just released from AGV (now part of Dainese) is the latest Valentino Rossi-replica helmet. The helmet that Rossi helped design includes his iconic sun and moon graphics on AGV's latest and most technologically advanced racing helmet.

Spidi Lizard Pro and Icon Bombshell | Motorcycle Apparel

Women's Appearal, Achievment in Design.

As women, we have a vested interest in increasing our presence in the motorcycle marketplace. Since the dawn of two-wheeled transportation, men have had a wide choice of apparel—not so for women, despite the fact that nature bestowed us with a heightened sense of fashion and design.

Michael Toschi | Motard Boots

Valentino Rossi Tribute

Michael Toschi, designer of high-end leather apparel and footwear, just happens to have 11 years of motorcycle racing experience under his belt.

Women’s Cruising Apparel | QuickShift

Looking Good, Feeling Good.

Cameleon power-sport apparel brings alluring style to the cruising woman, be she a passenger or operator. The stunning Gotica Swarovski Crystal Jacket attracts wanted attention as it envelops the wearer in a cocoon of unspeakably soft leather. The jacket can easily be worn when not riding, then supplemented with Cameleon's Invisible Armor (two styles, not shown) for two-wheel excursions. Zippers in strategic areas allow you to custom-fit the jacket to each specific situation.

Women’s Sport Bike Apparel | QuickShift

What self-empowered woman hasn't looked on at Lucy Liu's strong and beautiful characters in "Charlie's Angels" and "Kill Bill" without a sense of admiration and identification?

Riding Gear | Motorcycle Boots

The technology and style of our machines marches on, and following in lockstep are the companies that protect our always vulnerable bodies.

Gianfranco Ferre | Apparel

Motorcycle Apparel

Gianfranco Ferré believed in certain elements of masculine style that caused a differentiation between different calibers of men.