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Apparel: Night Riding

From dusk to dawn.

Scala-Rider | Motorcycle Communications

Wireless Motorcycling

For many, riding a motorcycle is all about flying solo. On the odd occasion, however, one might need to phone ahead for dinner reservations or receive an important business call. Utilizing Bluetooth technology, Cardo Wireless has created the Scala-Rider, a hands-free communication device designed specifically with motorcyclists in mind, making it unnecessary to interrupt your ride to pull over on a dangerous shoulder.

Michael Toschi | Motard Boots

Valentino Rossi Tribute

Michael Toschi, designer of high-end leather apparel and footwear, just happens to have 11 years of motorcycle racing experience under his belt.

Wesco Boots | ShowCase

In 1918, Henry Shoemaker founded the West Coast Shoe Company in sleepy Scappoose, Washington. His customers were rugged frontiersmen, loggers, miners and ranchers who needed footwear that could withstand the rigors of daily abuse. In response, he perfected a 155-step process of cutting, molding, gluing, sewing, riveting, sanding, and polishing each of the 14 separate pieces of leather that it takes to build a pair of Wesco boots.

Swiss Time in Watch Valley

Moto Time Traveling

As a watch lover, the idea of combining two of my passions—watches and motorcycles—was one I contemplated for several years. I decided to ride the roads of Switzerland while at the same time visiting the finest watch companies in the cradle of the industry, the Jura valley—known as Watch Valley—to find the perfect watch.

Apparel: Defining Luxury

Hermès brings the message.

Gianfranco Ferre | Apparel

Motorcycle Apparel

Gianfranco Ferré believed in certain elements of masculine style that caused a differentiation between different calibers of men.

Riding Gear | Motorcycle Boots

The technology and style of our machines marches on, and following in lockstep are the companies that protect our always vulnerable bodies.

Ultimate Motorcycling Ducati 1098 Special - left profile

Ultimate Motorcycling Ducati 1098 Special Custom Motorcycle

Ultimate MotorCycling Special

Maybe you're too young. Or perhaps you are not intimately acquainted with automotive racing history. Whatever the reason, if dark and light blue stripes with red fail to make your heart go pitter-patter, you might miss the inspiration for the Ultimate MotorCycling Ducati 1098 Special.

Men’s Touring Apparel | ShowCase

As with every motorcycling discipline, touring has its own apparel demands. Shoei responds to a touring rider's need for a convertible helmet with the Multitech, a flip up helmet that offers three options. With the chinbar up, the helmet becomes an open-face for easy conversations with your traveling companions. With the chin locked down, it provides the rider with the protection of a full-coverage helmet, along with a third option of flipping up just the face shield.

Arai Helmets Plus | QuickShift

The Arai RX-7 Corsair Sete helmet is an accumulation of high-tech helmet science. The shell is constructed of an advanced, patented Structural Net Composite for superior reinforcement in an "organic" design that conforms to the head's natural shape. Arai pioneered the use of air diffusers for ventilation—concentrating on drawing stale air out as opposed to pushing fresh air in. The RX-7 is lightweight, with excellent visibility.

Icon Daytona DMH Jacket | QuickShift

Icon Motosports has taken the motorcyclist apparel paradigm and turned it upside down. Their designs are purposefully conceived to defy classification.  And their styles are bold and eye catching.

Women’s Sport Bike Apparel | QuickShift

What self-empowered woman hasn't looked on at Lucy Liu's strong and beautiful characters in "Charlie's Angels" and "Kill Bill" without a sense of admiration and identification?

Women’s Cruising Apparel | QuickShift

Looking Good, Feeling Good.

Cameleon power-sport apparel brings alluring style to the cruising woman, be she a passenger or operator. The stunning Gotica Swarovski Crystal Jacket attracts wanted attention as it envelops the wearer in a cocoon of unspeakably soft leather. The jacket can easily be worn when not riding, then supplemented with Cameleon's Invisible Armor (two styles, not shown) for two-wheel excursions. Zippers in strategic areas allow you to custom-fit the jacket to each specific situation.

Wiki Wave-100 Helmet | Motorcycle Helmet Test

The hawaiian surfer-cool paint job by Chris Wood of AirTrix is certainly eye-catching and refreshingly different, but the truly unique feature of Wiki's new Wave-100 helmet is the WikiShift photochromatic face-shield that darkens in sunlight. Using the same technology as sunglasses, the idea works well and gave me the flexibility to ride during the day and after dark without swapping shields. The helmet has earned Europe's ECE-certification, a sign of quality engineering design. Its fiberglass and carbon shell is nicely finished and, at a mere three lbs, the helmet is pleasurably light.