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Founders Mickey Bale and Lindsay Hirsch created Lady Luck Leathers to serve a bespoke motorcycle clientele. Following a diligent survey of the choices available on the market, Bale and Hirsch quickly realized that they could not find what they liked.

They decided to approach the design process in very much the same manner in which custom bikes are built-chopping away all that is unnecessary, and then set out to reinvent the custom motorcycle jacket.

The material used in all Lady Luck jackets is 0.2 mm thick Italian leather, and the founders take pride in using whole skins and not pieces, thereby ensuring matching grains and seamless knees in the leather pants.

The styles range from classic for men, such as shirt-style jackets with snap down collars to avoid flapping in the wind, to vintage for women, with crisscross lacing in the front and corset-style backs.

The brand’s signature red satin linings signify luck and good fortune, as does the coordinating red stitching on other styles which are produced in small, limited quantities.

Inspired by gothic, punk rock and classic bike wear, Lady Luck does not wash or distress any of its garments. This allows the natural aging process to organically enhance the look and feel of the leather.

All garments can also be custom pinstriped, using enamel of the same quality that is found on the finest of automobiles and motorcycles.



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