Icon Accelerant | Motorcycle Jacket Review

Icon Accelerant Jacket

Icon ought to give a raise to the guy (or gal) who thought up Accelerant as a name for a motorcycle jacket. That is simply brilliant. Fortunately, the Accelerant jacket lives up to its name, being an excellent choice for addicts of throttle twisting.

Using 1.2-1.4mm thick cowhide, Icon jackets slant toward the stiff side when new, but the Accelerant gets around this issue by adding stretch ballistic nylon on the sides and under the arms. For impact protection, this hybrid jacket has removable internal pads in the elbows, shoulders and back, along with external protection¬-hard plastic with alloy inserts-for the shoulders and upper back.

The result of these combined features is a jacket that is comfortable and nicely fitted, while still offering serious protection for the sport motorcycle rider. Venting on the Icon Accelerant is minimal-expandable wrists, plus a couple of zippers in the shoulders. The shoulder spoilers that collect air look cool, but without any exhaust venting, airflow is minimal. Consider this a cool weather jacket that has capabilities in the cold, thanks to a removable interior lining. However, bring something for your neck when it’s chilly, as the collar is low-cut.

Styling is minimalist, which adds to the jacket’s serious appearance and focus. The zippers to the cavernous front pockets are quite well hidden behind flaps, keeping the look clean. Inside, you get a single pocket, best suited to a cell phone, but usable for a wallet.

In the canyons, the low collar, fitted cut and stretch nylon make the jacket seem to disappear on the rider. Nothing binds. There are no distractions. It does its job unobtrusively, while still making the rider look good. And, although not really marketed for cruiser riders, if you have a pro street bike, what better jacket than one named Accelerant?


Photos by Don Williams