Moto-Skiveez Cruiser Skiveez and Compression Socks Review

Moto-Skiveez Cruiser Skiveez and Motorcycle Compression Socks Review: For Sale

Moto-Skiveez Cruiser Skiveez underwear works as advertised; they are Redefining Riding Comfort. I make that bold statement because I tested them on what I found to be the most uncomfortable seat I have ever planted my rear on, and they neutralized the discomfort.

Moto-Skiveez Cruiser Skiveez: Motorcycle underwear

When I picked up the Ultimate Motorcycling Yamaha Ténéré 700 Project Bike in Los Angeles, I was only on it for about 10 minutes when my butt started to hurt. I knew I had about 1110 more miles to get the bike home and I was plenty concerned. By the time I got to my first motel, just two hours north of Los Angeles, I was squirming, moving around, and occasionally standing to relieve the pain. In just two hours, my butt felt bruised. I had to sit for most of the 380 miles the next day, and I never sat on that seat again. My last 600 miles were spent standing or squatting above the seat.

I spent the next year and a half experimenting with aftermarket seats to find real comfort for long days in the saddle on my Ténéré 700. It took a year and several attempts before I found the Seat Concepts Comfort Sport-Touring foam and cover kit. If I had known about Moto-Skiveez a year and a half ago, I could have stuck with the Yamaha Rally Seat. The Moto-Skiveez padding really makes a difference, even sitting on this plank.

I wore the Cruiser Skiveez for a week in my home—all day, every day—to find out how they feel. My initial impression is that they are extremely comfortable, though they feel like a sock is in the butt area. It does take some getting used to having padding back there, but when sitting, I didn’t notice it. It’s only an issue when walking around after getting up. As they are designed for long periods of sitting, the weird feeling of leaving a sock in your underwear when walking around is just something to get past.

Moto-Skiveez Cruiser Skiveez: For Sale

After wearing The Moto-Skiveez Cruiser Skiveez for five days, I hand-washed them in the sink, like I might on a road trip. I rolled up the wet Skiveez in a towel and walked on the shorts to soak up the residual rinse water.

They were dry enough to wear on a summer day immediately, but I wanted to see if they would completely dry overnight—an essential feature when traveling. I hung them over the shower rod, and in the morning, they were dry.

I had the same experience with the Moto-Skiveez Motorcycle Performance compression socks. I purposely wore the pair for five days. The socks, like the shorts, had no detectable odor after five days of wearing them around my house. I checked with the Moto-Skiveez, and a spokesman told me that the anti-chafing surface of the padding is infused with colloidal silver, a natural anti-bacterial agent.

Knowing that any pain-free saddle time on the Yamaha Rally seat would be a success story, I planned a four-hour highway loop. It turned out to be seven degrees colder than forecast, so I only rode three continuous hours in 38-degree weather.

I closely monitored my dash clock. The first 10 minutes passed uneventfully, and then another five minutes. Twenty minutes passed before I stopped watching the clock. The Moto-Skiveez Cruiser Skiveez were working as designed. They supported my pressure points with just enough padding to eliminate any pain issues. I was shocked to not have pain on the Rally seat. After three hours, my butt tells me it will be no problem to ride long days on that seat, as long as I am wearing Moto-Skiveez.

The Cruiser Skiveez have a limit—they can’t turn a brick seat into a plush lounge chair. The padded undershorts didn’t make the Rally seat as comfortable as the customized touring seat on my Yamaha Venture. However, the Moto-Skiveez pants moved the Rally seat to a non-issue from being a painful issue.

I discovered compression socks after mentioning to a retired Cardiologist friend that I was light-headed when dismounting after about three hours of non-stop riding. He recommended over-the-counter compression socks. They worked after long rides, when getting up and down off the floor when playing with my grandchildren, and for keeping my thighs from burning when I play ice hockey. I am sold on compression socks, so I had to have a pair when I saw that Moto-Skiveez also made Motorcycle Performance compression socks.

Moto-Skiveez Motorcycle compression socks have areas of special materials to add support where motorcyclists need it—Achilles, arch, ball, and shin. The socks were unnoticeable in my adventure boots, and my feet and legs didn’t feel tired or swollen at the end of long rides. I was pleased to see that even after five days of all-day wearing, they never slipped down, and the tops never rolled.

Moto-Skiveez Cruiser Skiveez Motorcycle Performance Compression Socks

Shawn Lupcho, the creator of these miracle shorts, was a competitive cyclist. He transferred his understanding of painful bicycle seats to his motorcycle passion. He has three different pad styles for the shorts—Sport, Adventure, and Cruiser Skiveez.

The Cruiser pad is for those who sit upright or slightly reclined. The Adventure model is for an upright posture with your thighs angled downward; they have the most coverage. Sport Skiveez work for a leaning-forward riding position.

The Moto-Skiveez shorts are a comfortable fit instead of a compression fit. You wear them directly against your skin. They also have ventilation panels in the front to keep you cooler in that area. The men’s shorts are designed for a man’s front topology, with two layers of fabric to eliminate chafing. Moto-Skiveez has a universal women’s design that supports most motorcycle riding positions.

Moto-Skiveez riding underwear/shorts neutralize any discomfort I experience with the Yamaha Ténéré 700 Rally seat. If your motorcycle seat is causing you grief, consider a pair of Moto-Skiveez before buying a new seat. Together, Moto-Skiveez undershorts and compression socks enable longer and more comfortable days in the saddle.

Moto-Skiveez Cruiser Skiveez Fast Fasts

  • Sizes: Small – XX-Large
  • Color: Black

Moto Skiveez Cruiser Skiveez Price: $72 MSRP

Moto-Skiveez Motorcycle Performance Compression Socks Fast Fasts

  • Sizes: Small – X-Large
  • Color: Black/red/gray

Moto Skiveez Motorcycle Performance Compression Socks Price: $30 MSRP