Fisch Moto Spark Arrestor Review [USFS-Approved and Convenient]

If you live in a part of the country where arcane rules regarding dirt bikes are vigilantly enforced, you know it can be a hassle. Even areas that aren’t United States Forest Service lands can require a USFS-approved spark arrestor. This can be a problem if you have a muffler you like when a spark arrestor isn’t needed, but you don’t want to spend $500+ for a complete spark-arrestor equipped muffler and spend the time swapping them. That’s where the Fisch Moto Spark Arrestor comes in.

Fisch Moto Spark Arrestor Review: Price

The Fisch Moto Spark Arrestor is a confluence of form, function, and simplicity, resulting in a truly elegant solution and end product. Tumbling the unit in my hand and holding it up to the light, the build quality is obviously top-shelf. Manufactured in Canada from stainless steel, the thought and engineering that went into each piece is apparent.

The concept is simple and beautifully executed. A flanged piece serves as a mount for the spark-arresting screen. The flanges are available in six sizes to fit exhaust outlets ranging from 19mm to 45.7mm in diameter. There are two Stubby screens for mufflers that quickly curve. The Fisch Moto units only fit round outlets.

Fisch Moto Spark Arrestor Review: For Sale

We started by installing units on two 2022 motorcycles—the Kawasaki KX450X and GasGas EX 350F. Even though it says it installs in 15 minutes or less right on the box, I was expecting to have to remove the muffler endcap and install the Fisch Moto SA from the inside—maybe even drill some holes. I had set aside an hour to install the two units.

As it turns out, Fisch Moto needs to underscore, bold, and italicize “less” in the installation time description. Once you do one, which takes about 10 minutes, you can install and remove it in just a couple of minutes.

Fisch Moto Spark Arrestor Review: MSRP

The installation process begins with sliding the Fisch Moto Spark Arrestor into the exhaust from the outside. Once in place, put a few drops of Loctite 243 threadlocker on the three hex set screws. Next, evenly tighten them until they snug themselves into the inside wall of the exhaust. Done!

The Loctite 243 and hex key are included, as well as extra set screws—the entire kit is self-contained. No special tools are needed for installation or removal. Extra set screws are included as spares should they get worn out from frequent removal and re-installation. You may be moving them between mufflers, as we will be doing with our test bikes, or you may only want to run the spark arrestor when necessary.

Fisch Moto Spark Arrestor Review: GasGas
2022 GasGas EX 350F

If you leave the Fisch Moto unit in place, occasionally visually inspect and remove and clean with solvent or carb cleaner, as necessary. I expect that the screen is virtually maintenance-free for properly running four-strokes, with spark arrestors on two strokes needing regular inspection based on pre-mix ratios and riding conditions. It’s probably a good idea to check the tightness of the set screws regularly so the $79 item doesn’t end up on a trail somewhere.

The near-universal fitment across all brands of dirt-bikes, both two- and four-strokes, ranging from 65cc up through 450cc models.

Fuel-injected two-strokes are not part of the program, as the fuel mapping and electronics cannot compensate for the screen insert. For those models, and anyone who wants a screen but doesn’t require a unit with USFS approval, Fisch Moto offers a Round version with a short, domed screen featuring a weave twice as open. It comes in three versions to fit outlet diameters ranging from 20mm to 35.4mm.

Fisch Moto Spark Arrestor Review: Kawasaki KX450X
2022 Kawasaki KX450X

Testing the GasGas EX 350F and Kawasaki KX450X in both garage and real-world settings, we can’t discern a power loss or alteration of power delivery.

If you want to fly first class, you can also get the Fisch Moto Wash Plug. It’s $20 if you buy it with the spark arrestor, or $27 when purchased on its own. It is red anodized, brand engraved, and has a double-stitched Fisch-branded pull tag. The red O-ring provides a snug, precision fit for washing and transporting. It’s the perfect complement, and provides that factory touch. Fisch Moto also makes some beautiful billet aluminum folding hand levers that we’re going to have to check out.

While we’d rather not have to hassle with spark arrestors, the government and some private entities feel differently. The Fisch Moto Spark Arrestor turns an expensive hassle into an easily eliminated annoyance.

Fisch Moto Spark Arrestor Fast Facts

Standard Spark Arrestor Sizes

  • Kit 19 (19.0 – 20.0mm; 0.748 – 0.800”)
  • Kit 20 (20.0 – 25.4mm; 0.800 – 1.000”)
  • Kit 25 (25.5 – 29.4mm; 1.004 – 1.157”)
  • Kit 30 (29.5 – 35.4mm; 1.161 – 1.394”)
  • Kit 35 (35.5 – 40.4mm; 1.398 – 1.591”)
  • Kit 40 (40.5 – 45.7mm; 1.596 – 1.800”)

Stubby Spark Arrestor Sizes

  • Stubby 20 (20.0 – 25.4mm; 0.800 – 1.000”)
  • Stubby 25 (25.5 – 29.4mm; 1.004 – 1.157”)

Round Spark Arrestor Sizes

  • Round 20 (20.0 – 25.4mm; 0.800 – 1.000”)
  • Round 25 (25.5 – 29.4mm; 1.004 – 1.157”)
  • Round 30 (29.5 – 35.4mm; 1.161 – 1.394”)

Fisch Moto Spark Arrestor Price: $79 MSRP (all sizes)