Inside the MV Agusta Freestyle Division: Video, Photos, Interviews

When you think of MV Agusta, you probably think of performance and its slogan: Motorcycle Art. Given the cost of these premium motorcycles, it’s not likely that freestyle riding comes to mind. MV Agusta is out to change that with the MV Agusta Freestyle Division lead by charismatic French stunter Thibaut Nogues.

MV Agusta Freestyle Division: Brutale

“I’ve been a Freestyle rider for 10 years,” Nogues, a native of Côte d’Azur, says, “and I worked hard at developing and expressing an individual, classy riding style. I think it made a difference. Being a freestyle rider for MV Agusta gives me the opportunity to fully realize this aspiration. It’s like a dream. For me, MV bikes are the most beautiful bikes in [the] world. An MV bike is like no other bike. You need to feel it. It’s like a dance partner. I’m so proud to ride MV Agusta bikes and super excited about the future with the Freestyle Division.”

Nogues rides a factory Freestyle Division Edition Brutale 800 RR and F3 800. Just like any world-class competitive motorcycle, Nogues’ rides have a collection of high-performance and purpose-built parts.

As expected, his motorcycles have a steel protective crash cage with nylon crash inserts—MV Agusta parts are not inexpensive. A custom high-traction seat is designed to facilitate wheelies. De rigueur stunter items include a rear brake lever on the handlebar, a one-off rear brake pedal, three rear brake calipers, and CNC-machines passenger pegs.

Extra performance comes from an SC-Project titanium exhaust, with a dedicated ECU. Because stunting is done at slower speeds than racing, the Freestyle Division Edition Brutale 800 RR and F3 800 have much lower gearing and a chain guard to match. The lower speeds also mean the MV Agustas run hotter, so a custom aluminum radiator is fitted. An STM clutch aids in drifting.

MV Agusta Freestyle Division: Custom Motorcycle

Machines wheels are used, as is a custom beefed up swingarm. Öhlins suspension is tapped, front and back. The triple clamps have a stunter-specific offset.

“I’d like to congratulate Thibaut [Nogues] for being such an incredibly talented and spectacular stunt rider,” MV Agusta Moto CEO Timur Sardarov said. “His shows and his great communication skills have contributed to raising the awareness of our brand among younger riders worldwide, but this is also a fantastic team effort. I am impressed by the Division’s performance, and I am thrilled by its success in winning over a new generation of customers. This goes exactly in the direction of MV Agusta’s new strategy, which also aims at engaging new customers and reaching out to younger audiences. I look forward to discovering the new shows and the new hair-raising stunts Thibaut and the team have in store for us.”

MV Agusta Freestyle Division: Thibaut Nogues
From left: Thibaut Nogues, Marco Anfesi, Emanuele Grassi, and Lorenzo Gandino

Last year, the Nogues performed MotoGP and World Superbike rounds, as well as competitions, exhibitions, fairs, and showroom openings. Nogues is supported by MV Agusta Freestyle Division manager Virginio Ferrari, with Marco Anfesi, Lorenzo Gandino, and Emanuele Grassi taking care of the technical responsibilities for the Freestyle Division Edition Brutale 800 RR and F3 800.

MV Agusta Freestyle Division Photo Gallery