SLC3 Supercross Results and Coverage: Epic Tomac vs. Webb Battle

In a battle for the ages, Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship Series leader Eli Tomac went at it tooth and nail with defending champion Cooper Webb as they obliterated the rest of the field at Rice-Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City. SLC3 was a wild affair, with constantly changing conditions. It rained during qualifying, was sunny for the Heats, and then rained again during the 250SX East Main Event. It rained lightly during the 450SX Main Event, and the track had plenty of residual mud to make it treacherous going.

SLC3 Supercross Results Coverage - Cooper Webb
Cooper Webb

Zach Osborne grabbed the holeshot and jumped off to an early lead. While Osborne was hoping to recapture his early race magic from SLC2 that put him in the lead for 20 laps on Wednesday, Webb and Tomac had other ideas. By the end of the second lap, Webb was leading with Tomac close behind, with Osborne quickly relegated to P3.

Tomac hounded Webb until lap 9 (of 24) when Tomac blitzed past Webb in the whoops for the lead. The tables were then turned, as Webb applied constant pressure to Tomac. On lap 16, Webb returned the favor by flying past Tomac in the same whoops section.

SLC3 Supercross Results Coverage - Eli Tomac
Eli Tomac

However, Tomac was not done, and he mounted the pressure on Webb. On lap 20, Webb faltered in the rhythm section as Tomac hit it perfectly to regain the lead with 2:42 remaining on the clock. Webb stayed close and continued to apply severe pressure, showing Tomac a wheel on multiple occasions. On the final lap, Webb made one last push for the win, but Tyler Bowers was in the way at the end of the rhythm section, allowing Tomac to get away in the whoops and final corners.

It was a monumental performance for Tomac and Webb. Tomac was the only rider to put in a lap in the 50s, while only Tomac and Webb put in laps in the 51s.

SLC3 Supercross Results Coverage - Jason Anderson
Jason Anderson

Only Jason Anderson was on the same lap as the leaders, and he was 44 seconds behind Tomac. It was Anderson’s fourth podium of 2020.

Zach Osborne made it three top-five finishes in a row at Rice-Eccles Stadium, having a 5-3-4 record in the last three races. Malcolm Stewart, nearly 12 seconds behind Osborne, scored his first top-five result of the year. Dean Wilson equaled his best finish of 2020, taking his third P6 finish of the year. Justin Brayton took his third P7 in 2020. Martín Dávalos, Justin Barcia, and Roczen rounded out the top ten, in that order.

Zach Osborne (#16) and Cooper Webb

Roczen, who sits in P2 in the series standings, was clearly suffering from the breathing problems he revealed this week, as Roczen was lapped twice by Tomac and Webb. Tomac now has a 26-point lead over Roczen, with Webb just six points behind Roczen. With four rounds remaining in Salt Lake City, the 2020 Monster Energy Supercross Championship is Tomac’s to lose.

Rich Shepherd photography courtesy of Feld Entertainment

2020 Salt Lake City 3 Supercross Results, Rice-Eccles Stadium

  1. Eli Tomac (Kawasaki)
  2. Cooper Webb (KTM)
  3. Jason Anderson (Husqvarna)
  4. Zach Osborne (Husqvarna)
  5. Malcolm Stewart (Honda)
  6. Dean Wilson (Husqvarna)
  7. Justin Brayton (Honda)
  8. Martín Dávalos (KTM)
  9. Justin Barcia (Yamaha)
  10. Ken Roczen (Honda)
  11. Aaron Plessinger (Yamaha)
  12. Blake Baggett (KTM)
  13. Benny Bloss (KTM)
  14. Chad Reed (Honda)
  15. Justin Hill (Honda)
  16. Vince Friese (Honda)
  17. Broc Tickle (Suzuki)
  18. Kyle Chisholm (Yamaha)
  19. Kyle Cunningham (Suzuki)
  20. Tyler Bowers (Kawasaki)
  21. Ryan Breece (Suzuki)
  22. Logan Karnow (Kawasaki) 

2020 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship Series Standings (after 13 of 17 rounds)

  1. Eli Tomac (Kawasaki), 301 points (7 wins; 9 podiums)
  2. Ken Roczen (Honda), 275 (3 wins; 9 podiums)
  3. Cooper Webb (KTM), 269 (2 wins; 10 podiums)
  4. Justin Barcia (Yamaha), 239 (1 win; 3 podiums)
  5. Jason Anderson (Husqvarna), 229 (4 podiums)
  6. Malcolm Stewart (Honda), 198
  7. Dean Wilson (Husqvarna), 176
  8. Justin Brayton (Honda), 173
  9. Justin Hill (Honda), 169
  10. Zach Osborne (Husqvarna), 163 (1 podium)
  11. Aaron Plessinger (Yamaha), 159
  12. Blake Baggett (KTM), 145 (1 podium)
  13. Martín Dávalos (KTM), 136
  14. Adam Cianciarulo (Kawasaki), 129 (2 podiums)
  15. Vince Friese (Honda), 127
  16. Chad Reed (Honda/KTM), 68
  17. Tyler Bowers (Kawasaki), 68
  18. Benny Bloss (Yamaha/KTM), 64
  19. Kyle Chisholm (Yamaha), 62
  20. Kyle Cunningham (Suzuki), 44
  21. Ryan Breece (Suzuki), 34
  22. Alex Ray (Kawasaki), 25
  23. Justin Bogle (KTM), 24
  24. Broc Tickle (Suzuki), 18
  25. Chris Blose (Honda), 18
  26. Adam Enticknap (Suzuki), 16
  27. Daniel Herrlein (KTM), 8
  28. Ryan Sipes (KTM), 7
  29. James Weeks (Yamaha), 7
  30. Henry Miller (KTM), 6
  31. Jimmy Decotis (Suzuki), 4
  32. Fredrik Norén (Suzuki), 4
  33. Ronnie Stewart (Husqvarna), 3
  34. Carlen Gardner (Honda), 3
  35. Jason Clermont (Kawasaki), 3
  36. Cade Autenrieth (Honda), 3
  37. Logan Karnow (Kawasaki), 1
  38. Josh Cartwright (Kawasaki), 1
  39. Jerry Robin (Honda), 1