Dunlop D605 Dual-Sport/ADV Motorcycle Tire | First Look

Dunlop D605 motorcycle tire

Dunlop D605 Dual-Sport/Adventure Motorcycle Tire First Look

The new Dunlop D605 is a street-legal dual-sport and adventure tire that fills the gap between the dirtier D606 and street-oriented Trailsmart tire. With only 21-inch front-tire sizes offered—either 2.75 or 3.00 width—there’s no doubt that the D605 is aimed at those who will be riding in the dirt.

According to Dunlop, the D605 has “a full-depth tread pattern designed for rigorous off-road use.” Dunlop describes the D605’s performance as “excellent traction on everything from hard-packed fire roads to soft single-track trail.”

Dunlop D605 front rear sizesCertainly, looking at the tread pattern, it is not as aggressive off-road as the D606—a staple in the dual-sport world—and much more of a knobby that the street-friendly Trailsmart.

With the 18-inch back-tire widths ranging from 4.10 to 120/80 (approximately a 4.70), motorcycles ranging from a Honda CRF250L to a full-size ADV machine can be accommodated.

The 120/80 is the only tire designed to handle a 3.00 rim, with the 4.10 the exclusive choice of someone sporting a 1.85 rim. In-between, the other size D605s can be employed.

For those with adventure motorcycles with a 17-inch rear wheel, there is a 4.60 for either 1.40 or 1.85 width rims.

The two 21-inch Dunlop D605 tires work on rims ranging from 1.40 (the 2.75 only) to 2.15 (which must use the 3.00).

Dunlop D605We don’t have prices yet, but Dunlop says the D605 is “a versatile adventure tire for the value-oriented customer.” The Dunlop D605 looks to appeal to a Trailsmart customer wanting better dirt performance, or a D606 customer who would like upgraded street capability, along with saving money.

Dunlop D605 Motorcycle Tire Sizes


  • 2.75 x 21 (rims: 1.40;1.85)
  • 3.00 x 21 (rims: 1.60; 1.85; 2.15)


  • 4.60 x 17 (rims: 2.15; 2.75)
  • 4.10 x 18 (rims: 1.85; 2.50)
  • 4.60 x 18 (rims: 2.15; 2.50; 2.75)
  • 120/80 x 18 (rims: 2.50; 2.75; 3.00)