Game Over Cycles ‘New York – Rzeszów Motorcycle’: Unveiled (Video)

Game Over Cycles New York – Rzeszów Motorcycle rear profile

Game Over Cycles New York – Rzeszów Motorcycle: A Celebration of Two Cities

The Poland-based Game Over Cycles (GOC) has delivered some truly original customs since it began in 2012, including The Recidvst, the world's first tattooed motorcycle, and the Behemoth Bike, which was built in collaboration with Poland's metal band Behemoth.

GOC added another unique creation to its lineup last week - the "New York – Rzeszów Motorcycle," a custom Harley-Davidson Street Bob inspired by New York City and the Polish city of Rzeszów. The bike was designed to express local patriotism for both homelands of the motorcycle's owner.

Game Over Cycles New York – Rzeszów MotorcycleThe bike was unveiled May 9 at Harley-Davidson of New York City after being delivered from Poland through the Rzeszów-Jasionka International Airport and LOT Cargo on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which carries out direct transatlantic connection operated by LOT between the two cities.

Following is a breakdown of the construction of the New York – Rzeszów Motorcycle based on each city:

New York:

  • Wheels with Manhattan buildings engraved in metal. The wheel contains such buildings as the Empire State Building, 1 World Trade Center, Flatiron, Chrysler Building, old WTC towers
  • Exhaust pipe looking like the Chrysler Building (covered with 24-carat gold)
  • Ignition coil cover looking like The Oculus
  • Front plow in the shape of old WTC ruins with the "9/11 Never Forget" inscription
  • Timing cover with NY Yankees logo (covered with 24-carat gold)
  • Fuel tank cap made from brass and imitating a $ 1 coin with Rzeszów-New York inscription
  • Tank painting containing the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline

Game Over Cycles New York – Rzeszów Motorcycle custom


  • Revolutionary Act Monument - the most famous monument of the city placed in the middle of wheel among Manhattan buildings (covered with 24-carat gold)
  • Seat in the form of the Tadeusz Mazowiecki bridge - the largest bridge in the city. The bridge is imitated together with brass ropes attached to the fender while motorcycle's direction indicators look like the warning lights located on the bridge
  • Air filter cover in the shape of city’s most known and characteristic footbridge with Rzeszów’s coat of arms in the center (covered with 24-carat gold)
  • Rear brake light and position light in the shape of the Rzeszów coat of arms
  • Tank painting containing Rzeszów skyline

All construction elements were created with brass, steel, and aluminum. The wheels, exhaust pipe, clutch cover, timing cover, and the front brake holder are gold-plated.

The New York – Rzeszów Motorcycle will remain at the Harley-Davidson of New York City dealership in Manhattan (376 Broadway, New York, NY 10013), where it will be on display through July.

Game Over Cycles New York – Rzeszów Motorcycle Photo Gallery