Game Over Cycles’ Behemoth – Built with Metal in Mind

Game Over Cycles' Behemoth
Game Over Cycles' Behemoth
Game Over Cycles’ Behemoth

Game Over Cycles’ Builds Custom for Metal Band Behemoth

While it is not likely that you are familiar with the genre of Polish extreme metal music, the crossover opportunities between custom motorcycles and rock ’n’ roll are almost unlimited.

In this case, Game Over Cycles of Lubaczów, Poland (an 800-year-old town near the Ukrainian border) has collaborated with singer/guitarist/songwriter Adam Darski (stage name: Nergal) of the band Behemoth to create this striking eponymous motorcycle.

Game Over Cycles founder Stanislaw Myszkowski is a fan of metal, in both the musical and physical manifestations, so Behemoth is a labor of love.

“I’m a fan of heavy music myself and I always wanted to make those two worlds, automotive and music, come together in one existence,” Myszkowski explains. “I wanted to construct a powerful and dark machine and, as within this style of music, I don’t see a more powerful band than Behemoth. I made a proposition to Nergal about building a motorbike inspired by Behemoth. The concept was immediately accepted, and that’s how it all started.”

A truly custom motorcycle, as gritty and foreboding as the music that inspired it, Behemoth is not a collection of off-the-shelf custom parts. Yes, the 110″ motor comes from RevTech, but Game Over Cycles manufactured the frame, fuel tank (engraved with the band’s logo), fenders, exhaust, and notably, the front suspension, which is patterned after a gothic mask Nergal wears when performing. Kult Motor DRP crafted the highly textured leatherwork, while Artur Winiowski of Moto-Paint imaginatively performed painting duties.

The wheels are of special interest, as they were designed by Game Over Cycles and manufactured by CFG Custom in Głogów, a western Polish city that recently celebrated its first millennium.

Decorated with bold crosses—a mainstay motif for heavy metal—the 18-inch rear wheel is shod with The Monster by Vee Rubber, which measures a staggering 360mm across.

“This bike is like an animal, a beast,” Nergal said at a press conference at the Hard Rock Cafe Warsaw, a day after the bike debuted at the Impact Festival. “What you feel about it is fear, adrenaline and respect. This whole project is something which came out from our respective passions, and the final effect of it is some- thing absolutely unique.”

The band’s motto is “No Limits, No Laws,” and the 10-foot long Behemoth from Game Over Cycles lives up to that principle.

Photo by Tomasz Grzyb