2018 Motorcycle Previews 2018 Arch KRGT-1 First Look | 7 Fast Facts

2018 Arch KRGT-1 First Look | 7 Fast Facts

2018 Arch KRGT-1 Preview

Arch Motorcycle, the California-based boutique motorcycle manufacturer, has unveiled three models at the EICMA show in Milan, Italy. The brand was officially launched in 2015 with the introduction of the KRGT-1.

During the presentation, Keanu Reeves’ Arch Motorcycle announced that it has updated its founding model, the KRGT-1 (written about here), and expanded the series to a more sport oriented offering with the KRGT-1S and the completely new platform known as the Method 143.

Here are the essential Fast Facts for the 2018 Arch Motorcycle KRGT-1.

2018 Arch KRGT-1 colors1. The 2018 KRGT-1 is powered by a 124ci/2032cc S&S powerplant. All Arch Motorcycles use the American-made V-twin engine, but Arch didn’t stop there. Nearly every surface of the engine casing has been modified to fit the brand’s aesthetic and performance needs.

2. For the 2018 model year, Arch has focused on ergonomic refinements, including a new plusher seat. In comparison, the seat accommodations appear to be far more inviting with the addition of a soft butt-stop.

3. A new Öhlins FRGT fork and proprietary shock will be standard. Arch needed something more than off-the-shelf kit for the performance-cruiser, so Arch worked side-by-side with Öhlins to create suspension specifically designed for its machines.

2018 Arch KRGT-1 engine4. Your choice of forward or mid controls are available. Go with the traditional cruiser forward-controls, or opt for sportier mid-controls with the 2018 KRGT-1.

5. Custom fitment and finish aren’t just a suggestion—these bikes are essentially one-off machines. Owners start with a KRGT-1 frame and from there, the sky is the limit in terms of aesthetic options and custom fitment to your size and riding goals.

6. BST carbon fiber five-spoke wheels help shed massive amounts of unsprung weight. Arch developed the carbon fiber wheels in association with BST.

7. Arch’s performance cruiser is Euro 4 compliant. For those willing to shell out the equivalent of 78,000USD, or thereabouts, you can now roll around the European mainland aboard an Arch Motorcycle KRGT-1.

Arch KRG-1 First Look | Photo Gallery


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