2018 Arch Method 143 First Look | 8 Fast Facts

2018 Arch Method 143 Price

2018 Arch Method 143 Preview

Known for its KRGT-1, which was first unveiled in 2015, Arch Motorcycle has expanded its lineup for 2018.

At EICMA in Malin, Keanu Reeves’ Arch Motorcycle company unveiled a revised KRGT-1, the all-new KRGT-1S, and the most unique looker of the bunch, the Method 143.

Following are the essential Fast Facts for the 2018 Arch Method 143.

2018 Arch Method 143 Price1. The all-new 2018 Method 143 shows that Arch Motorcycles will be expanding. More than simply a custom cruiser brand, the introduction of the Method 143 indicates that Arch Motorcycles will be growing and expanding their model ranges. However, production of the Arch Method 143 will be 23 units.

2. As they say, there’s no replacement for displacement—the Method 143 is powered by a 143ci/2343cc V-twin powerplant. A massive S&S engine sits at the heart of the Mode 143. This big-twin motor will undoubtedly produce ridiculous amounts of torque—just the sort of thing a performance motorcycle needs.

3. A full titanium exhaust is bolted onto the 2018 Method 143. Inspired by the exhaust systems seen on MotoGP machines, the full titanium exhaust gives the Method 143 a decidedly racy appearance. The muffler cans make use of carbon fiber to help bolster its performance chops.

4. Arch’s proprietary Öhlins FRGT fork and shock will handle all suspension duties. Arch developed the suspension in association with Öhlins to help maximize the performance of their bespoke motorcycles. In addition, the fork features a carbon fiber airfoil with the brand’s name emblazoned down the side.

2018 Arch Method 143 for sale5. The fuel tank and seat blend seamlessly into one another. Layered leather weaves its way into the CNC machining of the aluminum fuel tank. This a decidedly modern take on a motorcycle styling choice.

6. Suter Industries manufactured the carbon fiber covered single-sided swingarm. Suter Industries is a name that race fans will be familiar with—they manufacture chassis used in Moto2 racing. Arch Motorcycle has partnered with Suter Industries, and one of the benefits to that partnership is the Swiss company’s manufacturing expertise. Suter Industries machined the staggering single-sided swingarm for Arch Motorcycle, while Arch designed the piece in Los Angeles.

7. Arch designed the Method 143’s custom wheels in conjunction with BST wheels. Using the adjective “custom” to describe anything on an Arch bike might be stating the obvious, but for now, let’s just appreciate the engineering that went into them.

8. Information on specifications is sparse. In lieu of that, feast your eyes on the newest American made performance motorcycle.