2018 Arch KRGT-1S First Look | 8 Fast Facts

2018 Arch KRGT-1S price

2018 Arch KRGT-1S Preview

At EIMCA, Arch Motorcycle unveiled two new models next to its revised KRG-1, the KRG-1S and the Method 143. Following are the essential Fast Facts about the 2018 Arch KRGT-1S.

1. Arch has set out to make its iconic KRGT-1 sportier. Featuring a more aggressive riding position, and thanks to the leveled seat and mid-controls, the KRGT-1S suggests sporting nature.

2. The 2018 KRGT-1S is powered by a 124ci/2032cc S&S powerplant. All models within Keanu Reeves’ Arch Motorcycle’s line utilize an S&S engine. There are numerous refinements to its engine casing to suit their needs from a performance perspective, as well as from a visual standpoint. The KRGT-1S powerplant is imbued with blacked-out billet aluminum covers that give it a far more foreboding stance.

2018 Arch KRGT-1S price3. Premium suspension—Öhlins FRGT fork and shock—is on the KRGT-1S.

4. The KRGT-1S uses a single-sided swingarm. Machined out of a massive piece of billet aluminum, the KRGT-1S pushes the already visually stunning platform to new heights.

5. A new CNC-machined aluminum and carbon fiber fuel tank will keep the beastly KRGT-1S fed. The fuel tank utilizes carbon fiber fuel tank coverings. Not only is that aesthetically pleasing, but it will shed weight. Additionally, the recessed gas cap features a retractable cover.

2018 Arch KRGT-1S6. Seven-spoke BST carbon fiber wheels will be aboard the 2018 KRGT-1S. Carbon fiber isn’t just about a look—it reduces unsprung weight considerably.

7. 2-into-1 exhaust flows into a uniquely styled muffler, which follows the lines of the motorcycle.

8. Pricing and availability will be announced shortly.

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