Top 20 Fastest Motorcycles & Bikes

Before they had their time on television and film, bikes – both man-powered and motorcycles – drew interest from fans of all types. And when they get some time on the big screen, popularity soars.

Most of the time professional stunt doubles are pulling off these exciting scenes, but you still get sucked into the story, the characters, and their bike. Even folks who don’t ride aren’t immune to the allure of these two-wheeled beauties.

The 1961 film, The Great Escape, featured a Triumph TR6 Trophy ridden by Steve McQueen. These bikes hit a top speed of 105 mph – plenty of speed for chase scenes! And in case you’re in combat with physics-defying Agents from The Matrix, you might need something faster like Trinity’s Ducati 996 that can reach 162 mph.

EVELO, a designer of electric bicycles, released the following infograph of famous bikes that have appeared in movies and TV and ranked them by their top speeds. Looks like motorcyclists will be tuning for more power, and cyclists will be relying on Power Meters to help optimize their human performance.

Some of these bikes are man-powered and are slow in comparison to the motorcycles powered by engines and fiction, but all of them are just as memorable.

Top 20 Fastest Motorcycles and Bikes in Pop Culture