Black Brand Crystal Gloves Review | Women’s Motorcycle Gloves

Black Brand Crystal Glove Review

Black Brand Crystal Gloves Review | Stylish and Functional

The Crystal womens motorcycle gloves by Black Brand are soft and graceful, with a mid-length cuff that keeps the sun from blistering your wrists.

Deceptively simple in design, yet completely stylish in asymmetrical cut and drape across the back of your hands, the Black Brand Crystal gloves almost seem at odds with Black Brand’s badass positioning. The shape harkens back to women’s gloves of the 1940s or ’50s, when gloves were an elegant accessory.

Black Brand Crystal Glove Review

It is easy to slide into the top grain leather gloves; the fit is close without being snug, and the strap and buckle across the wrist is more for looks than to cinch the Crystal tight. Yes, you can adjust the strap to one of two snap positions, but I didn’t find it altered the fit much; the elasticized gathering under the wrist is what keeps the Black Brand Crystal comfortably seated.

The supple leather ensures a great feel at the levers, and there is no bunching at the top of the palm when gripping the handlebars. Although unlined, the casual fit allows just enough movement and air to keep the Black Brand Crystal gloves from sticking to my hands in warm weather.

There is no impact protection or extra padding anywhere on the Crystal gloves. With minimal but effective detailing—eye-catching rivets on the diagonal-cut cuff, name branding embroidered on the underside of the cuff, and a minder clip to keep the pair matched in your closet—the Black Brand Crystal gloves are basic without being plain-Jane.

These are casual riding gloves that provide abrasion protection and style, and don’t get in the way of operating your levers. I will never be a hand model with my large, weather beaten paws, but when donned in the Black Brand Crystal gloves, my hands look positively slender and graceful—and they are a great match with the Black Brand Charmer riding jacket.

Black Brand Crystal Fast Facts

  • Sizes: S – 2XL
  • Colors: Black
  • Black Brand The Crystal Price: $40 MSRP
  • Manufacturers Warranty: 2 years