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Alias A1 Gear Set Review MX track

Alias A1 Gear Set Review: Off-road Motorcycle Apparel Review

In the world of motocross gear, Alias is a relatively new brand in the motocross motorcycle apparel market. Founded in 2011, the industry quickly took notice after the brand secured a sponsorship agreement to outfit the entire GEICO Honda race team in 2012.

The relationship continues to this day, and Alias’ involvement with the team has allowed them to have their gear rigorously tested on a daily basis. The feedback Alias receives has enabled the company to improve upon each new gear set that is released.

Alias A1 Gear Set Review MX track
Alias A1 Gear Set Review, in action

The Alias A1 gear set is the company’s pinnacle level race wear. We tested the Standard Red/Black kit that GEICO Honda riders Jeremy Martin and Jimmy Decotis wore during several of the opening rounds of the 2017 Monster Energy AMA Supercross 250SX Western Regional series. That colorway is no longer available, but three new styles are now available.

Alias A1 Pants Review

The A1 pants are constructed of dobby-woven polyester with vented thigh panels. The polyester panels create a pre-curved, race position knee area that are designed to accommodate knee braces without excess material, with full-grain leather knee protecting the A1 pants from exhaust heat.

The pants feature a waist closure system to ensure a desired fit while lightweight, thin, and flexible rubber logos to minimize weight.

The A1 pants fit like any good motocross pant should. They are not too baggy and fit snug enough in the thigh and shin area. The polyester used throughout the pants is thick and durable. At the same time, the vented thigh panels allow some airflow in the front on both the right and left thigh areas.

The knee area offers plenty of room and doesn’t allow knee protection and/or the pant to slide down when bending the knees, which I have had happen on other pants. Additionally, the knee area doesn’t bunch up or get caught on the bike while riding.

The waist closure system is adjusted via hook-and-loop straps on each side of the pants and the front of the pants are secured with a zipper and buckle. The straps offer plenty of adjustment and I was pleased with how much adjustability they offer.

Alias A1 Jersey Review

Alias A1 Gear Set Review Motocross
Alias A1 Gear Set Review, rear view

The A1 jersey features a simple design with a performance fit and collar, mesh panels under the arms and down the sides, plus sublimated polyester with stretch mesh panels.

At first glance, the Alias A1 jersey looked fairly long from top to bottom. However, once I put it on and tucked it in, I was pleased with how it fit. The benefit to the extra length on the bottom of the jersey is that it stayed tucked in without any issues.

The collar fit snug in the front and came right up to my neck. The rear is a bit lower cut and sits slightly below the neck area; I would prefer it to come up a bit higher in the rear to leave less of my neck exposed.

The torso is neither too baggy nor too tight fitting. When tucked in, it leaves plenty of room for ease of maneuverability. The same can be said for the sleeves. The upper part of the sleeve is spacious while the bottom near the cuff tapers to a smaller in diameter.

The cuffs fit around my wrists just fine, though I do wish the sleeves were a bit longer. When fully extending my arms, the sleeves pulled back approximately two inches. I do have long arms relative to my upper body size, so you may not experience this fitment issue.

The mesh panels located on the under arms and down sides are designed to assist in allowing airflow through the jersey. I could feel only a small amount of ventilation in the mesh panels, so there’s not so much airflow that one may get cold when riding in chillier conditions.

I tested this jersey mostly during the cooler springtime and the amount of ventilation seemed just about right for the weather conditions in Southern California. The trend has been for even standard motocross jerseys to have a near-mesh design. This is more of a traditional jersey design with a less airy design.

I opted for the Jersey I.D. Print option ($50) that put my last name and number on the back of the jersey. This in-house offering from Alias is available to anyone who purchases a set of gear from them. Not only did the Jersey I.D. Print look great, but it has stayed looking excellent and hasn’t peeled or faded after several wash cycles.

Alias AKA Lite Gloves Review

Alias A1 Gear Set Review | Motocross Tested
Alias A1 Gear Set Review, front view

The AKA Lite gloves feature a lightweight cuff, sublimated twill top hand for the graphics, and a single layer Clarino palm with silicon grip on the fingertips.

The gloves fit me very well, as they are a bit on the snug side. I prefer a glove to be close fitting as opposed to loose; too-large gloves can cause friction and blisters as a result. The Alias AKA Lite gloves can be adjusted via the Velcro strap at the cuff, which is approximately two inches long. It offers a respectable amount of adjustability to get it as loose or tight as desired.

The grip offered by the single layer Clarino palm is plentiful, while silicone grip on the index and middle fingers provide extra traction on the levers. On each side of the fingers, there are small perforation to assist with ventilation, too.

The white palm of the glove looks great when you first get the gear, but quickly shows marks from holding onto the handlebars grips, especially stock black grips. This remains the case even after putting them through the wash. White always looks good when new, but in a sport such as motocross, it’s bound to show wear quickly. I would prefer this part of the glove be black to minimize visible use and wear.

Conclusion: Alias A1 Gear Set Review

As the brand’s flagship race wear, the Alias, the A1 gear set offers a good combination of flexibility, ventilation, and durability. Aside from the white palm of the gloves, the gear looks great after several rides and washes. If you are in the market for a durable set of gear with good flexibility and modest ventilation, the Alias A1 kit is a fine choice.

Action photography by Don Williams

Alias MX A1 Gear Set Fast Facts


  • Pants: 28-40
  • Jersey: S-XXL
  • Gloves: S-XXL


  • Pants, jersey, and gloves: Floated Red/Blue; Floated Cyan/Chartreuse; Floated Sky Blue/Neon Orange


  • Alias A1 Pants: $145 MSRP
  • Alias A1 Jersey: $55 MSRP
  • Alias Jersey ID Print: $50 MSRP
  • Alias AKA Lite Gloves: $33 MSRP

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