Bolid’ster Ride’ster Motorcycle Jeans Review | Armored Protection

Bolid’ster Ride’ster Motorcycle Jeans Review

Bolid’Ster Ride’ster Motorcycle Jeans Review

Bolid’ster Ride’ster Motorcycle Jeans Review | Armored ProtectionFrench manufacturer Bolid’Ster’s new Ride’Ster jeans are a follow-up to the Jean’Ster motorcycle riding jeans.

The Bolid’Ster Ride’Ster jeans incorporate the same blend of cotton denim (57 percent), Lycra (10 percent) and Armalith 2.0 (33 percent), the latter being an Kevlar-competitive specialty fabric comprised of UHMWPE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) fiber that is used in the Jean’Ster with some important modifications.

In case you missed the Jean’Ster review, the manufacturer claims Armalith 2.0 is “five times more abrasion-resistant, 40 percent lighter and two-and-a-half times stronger” and “keeps its mechanical properties, including color, 10 times longer against UV exposure” than Kevlar.

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The modifications made to the new model include soft CE-rated armor protectors for the knees and hips, as well as a different cut of the fabric incorporating a new pattern of stitching and gusseting around the knees.

The knee protectors are installed in fabric pouches that button into what one might call rails. The rails are sewn into the seams along the knee area and can be seen in the photo as the black stripes holding the orange protector pouches. There are three buttons on each side of the pouches, so that the wearer may position the protectors precisely where they are most comfortable and align properly with the knee.

Bolid’ster Ride’ster Motorcycle Jeans ReviewAs with the Jean’Ster, I ordered the size I usually wear in non-technical jeans which, in fact, is two inches less than my actual waist size. I guess jean manufacturers want us all to feel better about the dimension of our equator. The nature of the stretch in the fabric allows for greater comfort , as well as offering a bit more room after a generous meal.

Unlike the Jean’Ster, the length is exactly the same as my regular Levi’s jeans, and not the generous two inches longer found in the earlier model; there is no extra fabric to fold up into the stylish cuff so many riders like. Bolid’Ster has informed me that my test pair was an early model and the regular production jeans will be two inches longer.

Bolid’Ster has included buttons on each side at the cuff of both legs and a piece of the rail material the attach as a stirrup. I removed mine immediately and, I’m told, they are considering a strap in leather. No final word, but I know I wouldn’t wear that even if it was chrome plated.

As for the wearing experience, I really like the fit and feel of the fabric and the cut of the garment. As mentioned in my review of the Jean’Ster pants, I never thought I might like stretch jeans but I’m now a believer. They only stretch a tiny bit, but that’s just right.

The Bolid’Ster Ride’Ster motorcycle riding jeans look great and I feel more secure knowing that I’ve now got armored fabric and CE approved protection.

Bolid’Ster Ride’Ster Motorcycle Jeans Fast Facts

  • Sizes: 26-34” waist w/ 34” length; 36” waist w/ 34.9” length; 38” waist w/ 35.3” length; 40” waist w/ 35.4” length
  • Color: Indigo stone wash
  • Bolid’Ster Ride’Ster Motorcycle Jeans Price: $449 MSRP
  • Website:

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