Motorcycle Types Cruiser Bolid’ster Jean’ster Riding Jeans Review | French Styling, On-Bike Comfort

Bolid’ster Jean’ster Riding Jeans Review | French Styling, On-Bike Comfort

Bolid’ster Jean’ster Riding Jeans Test

Bolid’ster Jean’ster Riding Jeans Review | French Styling, On-Bike Comfort
Bolid’ster Jean’ster Riding Jean

On my recent 2017 Indian Roadmaster ride through the Carolinas, I was happy to test out Bolid’ster Jean’ster jeans—armored five-pocket pants that have just arrived in the US from France. They have been available in Europe for some time and are a unique amalgamation of cotton denim (57 percent), Lycra (10 percent) and Armalith 2.0 (33 percent)—a Kevlar-like specialty fabric comprised of UHMWPE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) fiber.

It was utilized previously in aerospace, military and off-shores industries. They claim Armalith 2.0 is “five times more abrasion-resistant, 40 percent lighter and two-and-a-half times stronger” and “keeps its mechanical properties, including color, 10 times longer against UV exposure” than Kevlar.

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The unique element is that the protective, anti-abrasion thread is woven into the denim, and not just sewn in patches in areas likely to come in contact with the road in the event of an accident, as is the case with most other riding jeans. In this way, the entire Bolid’ster Jean’ster garment is protective.

Bolid’ster Jean’ster Riding Jeans TestPersonally, much of my clothing, riding and otherwise, is made in Italy, but let us not forget that the French have as much a reputation for fine, perfectly proportioned and cut clothing as the Italians—perhaps we just don’t see enough French goods here in the US. They certainly are as crazy for moto as Americans, Italians, or anyone else.

Bolid’ster Jean’ster pants fit perfectly with a bit of stretch. I’ve been wearing Levis 501s for countless years, and the thought of wearing jeans with a slightly stretchy fabric never entered my mind. Well, it only took one wearing to realize that they were not only good looking, but they were very comfortable, especially on a motorbike. That little bit of stretch helped ameliorate any pinch spots or binding, and now I’m hooked.

Sizing on the Bolid’ster Jean’ster pants is the same as my Levis 501s—34 x 34—so I didn’t have to do any conversion, or guessing, to achieve a great fit. The waist sizing was perfect and the length was about two inches longer than normal so they can be rolled into a cuff, as I did, or hemmed by a tailor, if desired. The appearance of the garment cut, stitching and finishing is of the highest quality.

While there is good abrasion resistance in the Bolid’ster Jean’ster pants, they do lack any impact protection. Bolid’ster tells us that there will be “ergonomic fit” Ride’ster jeans in the near future that will include armor in the hips and knees.

In the meantime, I’ll enjoy the classic fit and styling of the Bolid’ster Jean’ster motorcycle riding pants on a wide variety of bikes.

Photos by Barry Hathaway

Bolid’ster Jeans Fast Facts

  • Sizes: 26-34 waist w/ 34 length;  36-44 waist w/ 35.5 length
  • Color: Indigo stone wash
  • Price: $349.95 MSRP
  • Website:



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