AXO Wheelie Bag Review | From Airport to Track

AXO Wheelie Bag Review | From Airport to Track test

AXO Wheelie Bag Review

AXO Wheelie Bag Review | From Airport to Track testTransporting your gear to and from the track can be a hassle. Putting your riding jersey, pants, gloves, and socks in a small bag works fine. However, carrying the remaining items—including your helmet, goggles, chest protector, knee braces, neck brace, and boots—requires a lot more room.

Without a larger bag, carrying those other items individually calls for multiple trips to the truck and can be very time consuming.

Finding a bag that is big enough to carry all of these items, yet not being too cumbersome, is a rare find. Thankfully, the AXO Wheelie Bag marks the fine line between these two dramatically different gear bag sizes.

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The Wheelie Bag is AXO’s largest gear bag. It is 35 inches in length, 15-inches tall, and 18-inches wide. It is constructed with heavy nylon materials and, after a year of testing, it has proven to have long-lasting durability.

There are four different compartments for storage. The largest compartment is perfect for a helmet, goggles, neck brace, knee braces, riding pants, jerseys, gloves, and any type of street clothes. The second-largest compartment handles riding boots and features two vents on each side to allow fresh air inside and stale air out.

The third largest compartment is on the side and can be used for a variety of different items including goggles, gloves, and any spare soft clothing items you may want to have on hand. The smallest compartment is best for smaller items such as a wallet or cosmetic bag.

AXO Wheelie Bag for saleThe AXO Wheelie Bag is the perfect balance between a small riding bag and a massive luggage bag. We are able to take the bag to the local track without taking up too much room in either the cab or bed of a truck.

We used AXO Wheelie Bag when traveling by air to the Husqvarna World MX intro at Budds Creek, as well as flying and driving to races around the country. The retracting adjustable handle, along with a pair of smooth plastic wheels, makes it easy to transport the bag through large air terminals. A strap on the top and another one on the end make it easy to lift the AXO Wheelie Bag off the baggage conveyor belt.

The bag is offered in a black-and-blue color combination and retails for $158. The bag is not excessively large, and it is easy to transport, yet has plenty of room for a full set of riding gear and multiple sets of street clothes.

The AXO Wheelie bag is the perfect size gear bag for everyone from weekend warriors traveling to and from the track as well as those traveling by air to their next destination or race. For additional information, visit AXO.

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