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EBR Motorcycles Reveals 11 Dealers - Paperwork's Flowing for More
EBR Motorcycles Starting Dealer Network

We’ve been missing out on a viable American Superbike competitor. Sure, there have been a few attempts over the years, including Erik Buell Racing’s attempts.

But now that Erik Buell Racing – rebranded EBR Motorcycles –  has its financial issues on the straight and narrow, things seem to be coming together.

Earlier this week, the Wisconsin-based brand shared an image on their social media that revealed 11 new dealers in the United States that will be supplying and supporting EBR Motorcycles.

California and Texas are going to see two locations each supporting EBR. However, dealers will be available in Indiana, Wisconsin, Arizona, Washington, Pennsylvania, New York, and Nebraska, as well.  EBR Motorcycles says paperwork is flowing now, and the dealer network is expected to expand.

The former “EBR” filed for bankruptcy in April of 2015, and the rumors began about possible buyouts.

But Liquid Asset Partners based out of Michigan acquired EBR in its entirely, and the rebranded “EBR Motorcycles” officially resumed business on March 1. Running the show is CEO Steve Smith, and Erik Buell remains as Chief Technical Officer.

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