ShockStrap Ratchet Safety Strap Review | Motorcycle Strap Test

ShockStrap Ratchet Safety Strap Review | Motorcycle Strap Test

ShockStrap and Ratchet Strap Review – Mega Tie-downs for Heavy Loads

ShockStrap Ratchet Safety StrapIf you’ve got a motorcycle that you absolutely, positively want to ensure doesn’t move around in your truck or trailer, then you need to take a look at the just-released Ratchet Safety Straps from ShockStrap in Sandy, Utah.

Ratchet Safety Straps’ two-inch width and claimed 4700-pound breaking strength (1533-pound claimed working load limit) may not be what the big-load truckers use, but they are much more impressive than anything you might buy at the auto parts store. Most sold there are one-half to three-quarters inch in width.

The web fabric feels softer to the fingers than any in my very large box of straps from other sources. They are able to wrap nicely around handlebars and frame components without me worrying much about marring the finish, although I often use microfiber cloths underneath.

I especially like that both ends of each strap has a soft loop extending about seven inches on the ratchet side, as well as about 23 inches on the far side with heavy-duty, double hooks on both ends. Use them or not, these loops give me a choice on how to hook up, and I often use the larger loop to make a few turns around the motorcycle handlebar grips eliminating the need to have a specialized handlebar harness.

ShockStraps have a glove-friendly, heavy-duty ratchet with nylon handle and release trigger, yet the unique feature is the shock absorbing system. Each motorcycle strap has a five-inch polymer double dog bone-like shock absorber. This allows you to crank down your load to a point after which the shock begins to expand.

ShockStrap Ratchet Safety Strap Review | Motorcycle Strap TestThis means you can take out any and all slack, yet know that the system will give a little during times when your rig may bounce on uneven surfaces or around turns. They have even engineered it so that the strap passes by the shock. In this way you can’t over-tighten and if the shock ever fails (highly unlikely) the strap will still hold your load.

These two-inch motorcycle straps may be a bit overkill for motorcycle transport but, I reckon, one can’t be too careful, especially for owners of a Harley-Davidson CVO (or any other full dresser) or a Gold Wing.

ShockStrap Ratchet Safety Straps are available in 9-, 18- and 32-foot lengths, and run from $37 to $50.

ShockStrap also continues to sell a range of one-inch wide straps should you decide to use something lighter. They, too, include the shock absorber like their bigger brother but they do not have the soft loops at the ends nor the ratchet. Instead, they utilize a heavy-duty cam buckle lock that is rated at 1800 pounds with a working load limit of 500 pounds. More than enough to handle tying down almost any size bike. They sell double-loop 19-inch soft ties for $10 that will provide the option to loop if desired.

The ShockStrap hooks are made from 3/8-inch steel with yellow zinc chromate finish, which is claimed to be more durable than chrome plating. The strap material for both products is made from a proprietary formula and is not affected by most chemicals, sunlight, oil, salt water, fungus, or moisture. I judge overall build quality as excellent and there is a two-year warranty.

They are available in 6-, 10- and 19-foot lengths. MSRP ranges from $20 to $25 each.

ShockStrap now has 650 dealers nationwide and also sells on the web.