Motus Motorcycles: Premier Appearance at NYC IMS
Motus MST R

Motus Motorcycles to NYC IMS

Fresh off its double AMA Grand National Motorcycle Land Speed Record performance at the Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials in August, Motus Motorcycles is taking its show on the road to the Progressive International Motorcycle Show in New York City this Friday-Sunday (12/10-12/12).

In its Bonneville appearance, Motus established the two fastest land speed records for any American production motorcycle.  With top speeds of 163.982 (1650 P-PG class) and 165.813 (1650 P-PP class) respectively, company founders Brian Case and Lee Conn who also did the riding established Motus as the fastest production pushrod motorcycles in the world.

Director of Design, Brian Case will be on hand along with the #1432 Motus Factory Racing MSTR- the bike that established Motus’ standing as the manufacturer of the fastest production pushrod motorcycle in the world.  Motus will also display the 2015 MST series of American sportbikes.

“The Motus is a sport-touring motorcycle with the soul of an American muscle car. Descended from the Small Block V8, the Baby Block V4 is the heart of it all. Refined. Powerful. With character unlike any other. It is the American V4,” Case explains.

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