Zipper’s Muscle 107 Kit for Harley Twin Cam | 120+ HP

Zipper's Muscle 107 Kit for Harley Twin Cam

Zipper's Muscle 107 Kit for Harley Twin CamZipper’s Muscle 107 Kit for Harley-Davidson Twin Cams

Zipper’s Performance Products has released the Muscle 107 kit for 2007-up Harley-Davidson Twin Cam engines, which helps your Twin produce over 120 horsepower.

Zipper’s has carefully developed this package with optimized compression, porting, camshaft design and inlet flow, combined with our best-in-class finish work, extensive dyno and ride testing to deliver a very balanced engine kit that will not disappoint.

The Muscle 107 delivers fantastic power curves with both torque and horsepower reaching north of 120.

Zipper's Muscle 107 Kit HP and Torque NumbersThis power is very smooth and broad, with torque over 100 ft/lbs from below 3,000 rpms to above 6,000.

The 107 Kit includes CNC porting with premium components on your heads, fitting forged, 3.937” bore domed pistons to your cylinders, Red Shift cams and dual piston cam chain tensioners, Axtell oil bypass valve, Pro-Taper pushrods, quality gaskets, high flow injectors and MaxFlow air cleaner assembly with a pre-programmed ThunderMax EFI controller.

TBW models require separate purchase of H-D® Screamin’ Eagle 58mm throttle body (not included); everything else you need is supplied in a single part number!

The Zipper’s Performance Parts Muscle 107 Kit’s Part Numbers are #517-347B (Black) and #517-347S (Silver). Pricing is $3295. For additional information, visit Zipper’s Performance Products or call 410-579-2828.