Chicken Hawk Racing & NY Safety Track Announce CHR PRO School

New York Safety Track in Harpersfield, N.Y.
New York Safety Track in Harpersfield, N.Y.
New York Safety Track in Harpersfield, N.Y.

Chicken Hawk Racing Performance Riding Option School (PRO)

Chicken Hawk Racing and New York Safety Track today announced their collaboration on the CHR Performance Riding Option School (PRO). Its curriculum is designed to help motorcyclists of all experience levels take the next step up in their riding abilities.

The CHR PRO school will be taught exclusively on New York Safety Track' s new 2.1-mile roadcourse, which is located in Harpersfield, New York.

Just outside Oneonta and 2.5 hours from New York City, the course features 18 turns, 450 feet of elevation change and a 40-foot-wide front straightaway nearly a half-mile long. Chicken Hawk Racing will also manage the facility' s member-only track-day events.

The school' s lead instructor, David Podolsky, is a championship-winning roadracer and founder of Chicken Hawk Racing, which designs and the manufactures tire warmers used by most AMA Pro Road Racing teams.

Podolsky, who has won 12 National titles in AMA Sports and AHRMA competition, and the school' s seasoned staff is ready to show students the latest riding techniques. The school is accredited by the WERA and CCS racing organizations, so PRO graduates qualify to get their competition licenses by mastering the curriculum.

David Podolsky says: "We're really happy to be chosen to operate this fantastic track's member-only days and the CHR PRO school. New York Safety Track is the perfect roadcourse for teaching bike-handling skills. While running track days for a few years, we saw many riders who needed basic guidance in finding their lines around a new track, improving their riding position or understanding how to set up a pass.

"The idea behind the school is that NY Safety Track members can have access to an affordable, accessible school with a very direct approach to working on their skills. We' re also glad to be able to provide certificates that graduates can use to obtain a CCS or WERA license."

The CHR PRO School covers advanced body positioning optimized for each part of the track, as well as countersteering and braking and techniques that help get maximum drive off corners and set up passes.

These skills will be learned during in-depth classroom sessions, on-track drills and one-on-one instruction aimed at identifying the factors that are holding each student back. Plenty of open practice time allows students to perfect these new techniques while progressing to the next level of their riding potential.

At just $360, Chicken Hawk Racing's PRO school is an excellent value for any rider at every skill level. This exclusive program will be run only four times this year: June 7, July 19, August 9 and September 27. Additional information is available at or by calling 866-HOT-TIRE.


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