AMA Get Out and Ride Smart! Week


2012 AMA Get Out and Ride

The fourth and final week of the AMA 2012 Get Out And Ride! Month campaign begins this week: AMA Get Out and Ride Smart! Week.

The weeklong theme promotes rider training and smart choices regarding motorcycle and rider preparation to help ensure that every ride is enjoyable and safe. Throughout AMA Get Out and Ride Smart! Week, the AMA will be engaging riders on its Facebook page at on topics that focus on ways to “ride smart.”

AMA members are also invited to enter the AMA Get Out and Ride! Month trivia contest. Helmet House, a dedicated AMA supporter, is rewarding one lucky AMA member each week with a Tour Master Saber Series 3 riding jacket during the trivia contest.

The weekly winner will be drawn at random from correct AMA member submissions in the contest, and the winning name will be posted next Friday on both the AMA Facebook page and AMA website. Contest rules are posted at

Another cool AMA activity taking place during AMA Get Out and Ride! Month is AMA Flash Tours. At the start of each AMA Flash Tour, the AMA announces a theme or challenge designed to get riders on the road to visit interesting destinations.

Participants then tackle the challenge and document their effort with a photo emailed to AMA Flash Tours run for approximately two weeks, and a lucky participant from each tour will be selected to win a prize pack from AMA partner organizations or the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame. For details, visit > Events > AMA Flash Tours.

AMA Get Out and Ride Smart! Week is one of four weekly themes highlighted throughout April during AMA Get Out And Ride! Month. The virtual campaign spotlights AMA members and motorcyclists everywhere doing what they love to do: riding on the street and trail, and riding and racing in AMA-sanctioned events.

AMA members are also encouraged to submit riding stories, photos and videos throughout AMA Get Out and Ride! Month to The best stories will be featured on the AMA Get Out and Ride! Month blog.

For more on AMA Get Out and Ride! Month, and to find out how you can participate and win cool prizes, see