CHR Revamps Digital Pro-Line Tire Warmers

2012 Chicken Hawk Racing Digital Pro-Line Tire Warmers

Chicken Hawk Racing’s totally reengineered Digital Pro-Line tire warmers are the premier product in its revamped 2012 line of tire-heating solutions.

Used by most top AMA Pro roadracers, many club-racing champions and track-day riders, Digital Pro-Line warmers help provide traction for great starts and first-lap confidence–they’re the ultimate tire-management tool.

New DTC-2 multi-function digital temperature controllers, specifically designed for managing tire heating, are now mounted directly to each warmer. These temperature-adjustable units have solid-state microprocessors and easy-to-read, backlit LCD displays with timers that show how long the warmer has been preparing a tire for track duty.

These sophisticated controllers are also equipped with a stepped heat-soak mode that allows them to gradually increase the speed in which a tire warmer heats up, heat-soaking them while building temperature slowly so the tire surface is subject to slowly increasing heat levels during initial warm up. This proprietary system slows the chemical reaction of tires’ “activators,” saving their benefits for the racetrack, not the pits. Heat soaking aids in tire longevity when initially warming new tires and brings them within range from cold ambient temperatures. This mode is also useful for safely heating rain tires without exposing their surfaces to more heat than desired.

With a new, fresh look, Chicken Hawk’s entire 2012 lineup of warmers has new wind-stopping, neoprene side panels for greater insulation. Redesigned power cords have quick-disconnect connectors for safety and ease of carrying warmer-mounted wheels without dangling cords.

Digital Pro-Line tire warmers are wrapped by a unique Aluminized Kevlar Chrome outer fabric that provides superior insulation properties. Other colors and custom logos are available.

The Pro-Lines come in sizes to fit all sportbikes, as well as narrower versions for lightweight roadracers and flat-track bikes. Chicken Hawk tire warmers are supported by a one-year warranty and an in-house service department. They are available directly from Chicken Hawk, Trackside Support Dealers and bike shops around the country.

2012 Chicken Hawk Racing Digital Pro-Line Tire Warmers Features:

  • New, multi-function, DTC-2 Digital Controllers with easy-to-read, backlit displays that have run-time counters and show current and target temperatures
  • New, proprietary heat-soaking mode: A stepped program that gradually increases heat so tires can be heat soaked in a controlled manner. This allows their compounds’ chemical reactions to better activate on the racetrack.
  • New wind-stopping neoprene side panels
  • New quick-disconnect power cords
  • Heat-soak and normal operating modes
  • Insulating Aluminized Kevlar outer fabric
  • Patented DuPont Nomex melt-proof inner liner
  • 100 feet of flexible heating elements in each warmer
  • Temperature range: 40 to 225 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Proprietary alloy wire flexes without breaking and conforms to tires’ contours
  • Efficiently heats DOT, racing slick and rain tires
  • Calibrated for Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures
  • Power Requirements: 1150 watts, just under 10 amps
  • 120/240 dual-voltage capability
  • Sized to fit sportbikes, lightweight roadracers and flat-track bikes
  • Standard Color: Aluminized Kevlar Chrome
  • Optional colors and logos available
  • Warranty: One year
  • Made in the U.S.A. with American materials
  • Retail Price: $649 per set
  • Availability: Chicken Hawk, Trackside Support Dealers and bike shops

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