Motus to 2012 Daytona Bike Week (Video)

Motus Motorcycles

At last year’s Daytona Beach Bike Week, the American motorcycle company Motus unveiled its MST and MST-R models.

The founders of Motus then rode the first V4-powered American sport-touring motorcycles around Daytona, getting many positive responses from the crowds.

But this testing didn’t stop at the unveiling, and continued throughout 2011. Now Motus is returning to Daytona Beach Bike Week for 2012 after "12 months of rigorous testing to announce its production schedule, specs, pricing, accessories, availability, and dealers."

The above video previews Motus’ plans for Daytona.

Work on the Motus started back in 2008. The Motus prototypes are the first V4-powered American sport touring motorcycles developed for this market. The Motus MST is aimed at being a true sport bike that is engineered for performance, comfort, and extended range.

The MST and the premium MST-R models are powered by proprietary, direct injected KMV4 engines that combine low maintenance with high performance and a completely unique character. The chassis was developed in conjunction with Pratt & Miller Engineering located in New Hudson, Mich.

Music from Liar’s Melody by Birmingham’s 13 Ghosts


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