Kelley Blue Book Teams with Cyclechex


KBB Motorcycle History Reports

When purchasing a used motorcycle, one of the most basic prerequisites is checking the Kelley Blue Book, or KBB.

And while Kelley Blue Book offered the basic info on motorcycles, such as its value based on condition, it lacked the ability to provide a Motorcycle History Report.

But that all changed this week when Kelley Blue Book formed a relationship with Cyclechex, a company that offers motorcycle history reports dating back to 1981.

These motorcycle-history reports are now available on, and offer historical title information such as the last recorded odometer reading, any disclosed damage, the number of previous owners, salvage, rebuilt, or stolen titles, vehicle identification number (VIN) decoding, vehicle specifications and the manufacturer’s recall history.

Damon Bennett (Vice President of Business Development and Partnerships for Kelley Blue Book) says: “Working with Cyclechex, Kelley Blue Book offers its motorcycle shoppers access to the information they need to make an informed purchase decision. These reports generate data from a variety of governmental sources, consolidate the information, and deliver to the consumer comprehensive information that provides a level of confidence.”

Anthony Havens (CEO of Specialty Reports, Inc.) says: “Our Cyclechex Motorcycle History Report has already proven to be among the most valuable sources of vital information for people who are considering the purchase of a used motorcycle.

“With our exciting new relationship with Kelley Blue Book, and the trust they enjoy in the marketplace, we’re anticipating another major milestone for Cyclechex and its ability to reach a broader consumer market for our product.”

Cyclechex Motorcycle History Reports can be purchased through the Kelley Blue Book website for $24.95 each, or three for $49.95.