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Motorcycle LED Products

BikeMaster has released information on three of its newest products that feature LED lighting. Following are descriptions of each product.

BikeMaster LED License Plate Light

BikeMaster license plate lights are super bright, light weight, and have almost no draw on your electrical system.

These high-quality LED’s mean you don’t have to worry about a blown bulb getting you a ticket! Bright enough to meet plate illumination legal requirements and a nice super white light. They are also very easy to install.

Retail $42.95

BikeMaster LED Tail Light

BikeMaster tail lights are super bright red LED’s, making you highly visible! No need to worry about blown bulbs and tickets these LED’s are far more reliable and last longer than incandescent bulbs. They are also vibration resistant and water proof.

Retail $ 44.95

BikeMaster LED Prism Turn Signals

If you are looking for a radical and futuristic look, here you go! The "barbed" surface creates a unique look, and with the rear window, you can see when the signals are on, while adding additional visibility.

Retail $39.95

For additional information, click here.


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