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Women, Motorcycles and the Road to Empowerment explores the relationship between women, motorcycling and personal power. Fifty women motorcyclists share stories of how they have tapped into that power and how it has shaped their lives.

Using her own story as a framework, the wisdom of forty-nine other women join Liz Jansen in a common message of inspiration. They represent all disciplines of riding and come from diverse backgrounds; including one of Hollywood’s top stuntwomen, federal politicians, artists, activists, adventurers, business leaders, racers, a dental hygienist.

While the motorcycle is the vehicle of transformation for these women, it’s not necessary to be a rider to understand the book’s message. How one learns to embrace and overcome challenges and reap the rewards, weaves an exquisite tapestry that becomes the picture of who we are.

At some point in our lives, we stand at a threshold we need to cross to reach our destination. This can be daunting, particularly when it is toward something non-traditional. Making the decision to take that step has implications for how the rest of our life unfolds.

That threshold occurs at different periods in the life of everyone, often many times. The answer is to look within, discover where we are and summon the limitless power that resides within us and moves us forward.

This book is about the journey along one’s personal, emotional and spiritual path to enlightenment and becoming all that we can be: why we’re on this road trip. The stories illustrate how motorcycling allows and encourages this.

Meet Liz Jansen, seasoned motorcycle adventurer, coach, speaker, motorcycle instructor and tour operator, and now an author at the North America International Supershow 2012:

  • Show Dates: Friday, January 6th – Sunday, January 8th, 2012
  • Location: International Centre, 6900 Airport Road, Mississauga, Canada
  • Hours: Friday & Saturday – 10am – 10pm; Sunday – 10am – 6pm
  • Parking: Free parking for more than 7,000 vehicles
  • Website: supershowevents.com

Liz Jansen Times:

  • Friday January 6th – 7 pm in the Vancouver Room
  • Saturday January 7th – 7:30 pm in the Vancouver Room
  • Sunday January 8th – 11 am in the Ontario Room


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