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LeoVince USA gave customers and motorcycle fanatics alike a special holiday gift this year in the form of a ground breaking new website that delivers an incredible range of motorcycle content married with extensive LeoVince product and technical information, all packaged in a unique social media environment.

The new site, leovinceusa.com launched this past weekend and features product and technical information on the complete range of LeoVince USA exhausts and accessories, together with up to the minute features on LeoVince USA sponsored riders and teams and unique human interest stories from the motorcycling world.

What makes this site so unique, however, is cutting edge technology that enables the site to double as a porthole through which consumers can access content from an incredible range of online motorcycle news and information sites and interact with their personal social networks.

Tim Calhoun (Vice President, LeoVince USA) says: "This site is the first of its kind. Currently there is no other site like it in the motorcycle industry. Once a consumer lands on our site they can go almost any place they want to - visit their favorite magazine website, access Facebook, or read about our incredible new exhaust systems -without ever leaving the site."

While Calhoun likes the idea of consumers spending more time on the LeoVince USA website, the site was created to give consumers greater transparency.

Tim Calhoun says: "These days consumers are more likely to use their own social networks to get opinions on new products, or they will search online.

"If you are planning to spend money on a new exhaust system, you will likely ask the opinion of your friends, or check online mags to see how the product rated in shoot-outs. There is a lot of 'truthiness' being spread by manufacturers but consumers always find the real truth about a product: our new site allows consumers to do their research while shopping.

"The new site demonstrates that LeoVince USA is so confident in our product we don't just encourage our customers to seek out the opinions of others - we give them a place to do it!"

To check out the new site visit leovinceusa.com. For more information and for questions regarding the new site email sales@leovinceusa.com.


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