The Edge with Bradshaw: Viper Motorcycles

Viper Motorcycle Company

The Viper Motorcycle Company has been selected by the producers of "The Edge with Terry Bradshaw" to be featured on the an upcoming show.

The Viper Motorcycle Company will be featured in a segment titled "Best of the Best Motorcycles for the 21st Century as part of The Edge’s "American Biker" series.

During the show, Bradshaw will discuss the Viper Diamondback, exploring the machine’s handling, speed and dependability. The five-minute segment will explore the Viper’s inner-workings and the company’s partnership with famed Ilmor Engineering, as well as the upcoming Viper Mamba and GT-1 trike.

John Silseth (Viper CEO) says: "I had always envisioned a cruiser bike that had the power of a super bike, the handling of a sports bike, the looks of a one-off custom, and the dependability of an OEM.

"The Diamondback gives you the best of all those worlds wrapped into one. It’s the world’s only super cruiser motorcycle that has a unique blend of power, performance, and style."

The Viper Motorcycle Company says: "For those who crave speed, there’s nothing more exhilarating than zipping around the open road on a motorcycle. Motorcycles have long been a popular choice for thrill-seekers, and as the number of young riders grew, the industry focused increasingly on power and speed.

"However, as these riders age and begin to transition off of sport bikes, many still seek a bike with power and speed, but also look for better handling and dependability. Cruisers generally offer great handling and comfort, but often lack the power that riders need. That is, at least, until the introduction of the highest-performing American super cruiser in the industry, the Viper Diamondback."

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