The Rim Stripe: Customize Motorcycle Wheels

Motorcycle Customization

The Rim Stripe is a product that allows customers to step away from the crowd. Custom cut and colored, The Rim Stripe encourages individuality at a small price and is made in the USA.

The business started geared purely towards motorcycles, but quickly evolved with the growing demand from owners of cars, bicycles, scooters and various other vehicles. Why? Simply put, customers want to stand out by differentiating and enhancing the look and feel of their rides and The Rim Stripe enables them to do just that.

Anything that has wheels can benefit from The Rim Stripe. It is available for use on Sports Bikes, Cruisers, Dirt Bikes, ATVs, Pocket Bikes, Cars, Fixed Gear Bicycles and Mountain Bicycles.

The latest addition to The Rim Stripe Family is The "Reflective" Rim Stripe, a unique product that allows riders of sports bikes, cars, scooters, bicycles and others to enjoy the freedom of night rides with an added safety benefit. The "Reflective" Rim Stripe was introduced in a variety of colors to allow for matchmaking or matchbreaking with the color of the customers vehicle. To offer even further flexibility for both regular and reflective rim stripes, colors not readily available can be special ordered but you’ll always find the red, blue and white in stock.

Installing The Rim Stripe is as easy as 1, 2…3!

1. Clean Rims

  • Use a degreaser to rid your surface of any oil and dirt
  • Use window cleaner to get rid of any remaining oil and dirt
  • Use rubbing alcohol to remove any soap residue
  • Let dry before proceeding

2. Apply

  • Peel 1 stripe from the backing and place one end on the rim. Holding the stripe with one hand and guiding the application end with the other, press very lightly once desired position is determined.
  • The rim stripe is curved to fit your specific rim but some bending of the stripe may be needed. Simply guide the rim stripe along the rim lip. The material can stretch but make sure you don’t pull too hard as it may distort the shape of the rim stripe.
  • Once you complete the first strip, repeat until your rim is completed. You can overlap slightly if you prefer and if, for whatever reason, you have a gap, you can always use some of the extra stripes included.

3. Let Sit

  • Once applied, make sure that the rim stripe is firmly in place then let sit for at least an hour.

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