Motorcycle Rider Rescue: Burning Car (Video)

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Motorcycle Burning Car Rescue

Since it was uploaded Monday, this video showing a bunch of bystanders picking up a burning BMW automobile that had trapped a motorcyclist after a crash in Logan, Utah, has received almost 30,000 YouTube hits.

The dramatic incident came after Brandon White, 21, of Utah, crashed his motorcycle into a BMW 503 XI near Utah State University, the man becoming trapped under the car.

The BMW soon caught fire, and woman along with about a dozen men lifted the burning car, which weights around 3,800 lbs., off the motorcyclist. The good Samaritans then dragged the injured motorcycle rider to safety from under the car.

Local reports state that the BMW pulled in front of White, and he attempted to lay his bike down to avoid collision. Reports also state that White suffered cuts, burns and some broken bones.