Harley: ‘Wild’ C&C Custom Motorcycle Seats

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C&C Harley-Davidson Seats

C&C Motorcycle Seats is well-known for its popular line of Standard and Custom 2Up and Solo w/Pillion Seats for Harley-Davidson motorcycles in both Standard and LoPro Saddle heights for easier bike control.

But now C&C takes it even further, allowing Harley-Davidson owners to select their own special choice of colors, fabrics, real and imitation hides, and embroidery designs.

Shown here is an example of how wild C&C can go with your own unique seat design featuring Driver and Passenger Back Rests, bike color matching Black and Alligator hides, all brought together with a unique Flame Theme.

Visit CCSeats.com to get an even better idea of what unique custom seat they can build for you.

C&C Motorcycle Seats offers custom seat designs for both Stock Replacement and Special Construction motorcycles. They also provide Seat Repair and Re Upholstery in Vinyl and Leather for all motorcycle brands and applications. Visit their website for a complete look at their available fabrics, leathers and embroidery designs. C&C Motorcycle Seats, 15146 Downey Ave., Paramount, CA 90723. Phone 866 775-2100 / 562 531-6185. CCSeats.com / CCSeats@SBCglobal.net.