OK Ducati & Pros 4 Vets: Rider Education

Military Motorcyclists

Ducati Oklahoma and Pros 4 Vets teamed up to help promote better riding safety among our brave men and women in uniform.

The duo assisted in bringing members of the 317th Airlift Group from Dyess Air Force Base in Abilene, Texas, to Eagles Canyon Raceway on Monday August 22.

The focus of this event was on rider education and safety, and with instruction from Ty Howard of Typhoon Roadracing Academy, Dyess Airmen were able to take part in a special one day on-track course teaching rider safety through advanced riding techniques.

With motorcycles becoming more and more popular for both recreation and use as daily commuters among airmen, rider technique is very important.

Jeff Hargrave (Director of Operations at Pros 4 Vets) says: “When the idea was brought up that we could help with educating these men and women in rider safety and possibly save lives, there was absolutely no question of whether we would help. This event also gave us the opportunity to sit down and talk to members of our military on an individual basis, see how things are going with them and what they believe needs our work.”

One of the main principles of the school is learning skills in the controlled environment of a track, and then put them in use in real world settings. Ducati Oklahoma’s Ryan Tupps took the class with the airmen, and came away believing this is the way forward in teaching motorcycle riding skills.

Ryan Tupps says: “We all had a great time and the day went off nearly flawless. I believe this is a wonderful program and I think everyone else here would say the same. I am very happy to have been able to not only help with the beginning of this program, but thrilled I was able to be here to enjoy the event. The goal is always to make learning fun, and it just does not get any more fun than this!”

Keith Green (U.S. Air Force Lt Col) says: “This is the first time this type of class has been offered for those of us who ride. I know that I, and all the Airmen here are taking a good deal of knowledge back to Dyess AFB with us. As a rider, you must have respect for the capabilities of the machine that you’re on, and the track is the best way to safely learn where that limit is. And knowing the limits and capabilities of yourself and your machine is the way to stay safe when you’re on the streets at home.

“We’ve shown here today that this type of training is an important part of rider education. Hopefully, we are paving the way to make these opportunities available for all motorcycle riders in uniform.”

The event has been judged a resounding success by all parties involved, which means a promising step forward for keeping our brave men and women in uniform safe here at home. For information on ways to help our men and women in uniform please contact Pros4vets.org.