Motorcycle Helmets: Suzuka Fog Buster

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Motorcycle Helmet Accessories

Suzuka Professional Racing Products, a division of Chicken Hawk Racing Group, offers up the simple, effective Fog Buster, a facemask that keeps helmet visor and eyeglass fogging to a minimum.

The pre-shaped Fog Buster is made of pliable, comfortable DuPont Neoprene that performs well in a broad range of temperatures and resists degradation from harsh sunlight.

Conforming to the interior contours of full-face helmets, the Fog Buster has a self-adjusting nose-bridge clip and is easy to install. Its tenacious, sticky backed Velcro material attaches to helmet liners, allowing easy removal and installation as conditions dictate.

Available in black, blue and red, the Fog Buster comes in at an economical price of just $19.99.

Suzuka Professional Racing Products is a division of Chicken Hawk Racing Group, which designs, manufactures, sells and services highly effective, affordable tire warmers and related products. The Fog Buster is available through thousands of Tucker Rocky dealers and direct from Chicken Hawk Racing.

Visit or call 866-HOT-TIRE for more information.

Suzuka Fog Buster

  • Retail Price: $19.99
  • Colors: Black, blue or red
  • Sizing: One size fits all

Suzuka Professional Racing Products
54 Elizabeth St., Unit 10
Red Hook, NY 12571
866-HOT-TIRE (866-468-8473)

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