Marquez:125cc Champ Gets Driver’s License

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The Repsol rider, who’s a 125cc World Champion and able to dominate his Moto2 bike at more than 240 km/h, came of age Thursday to take took his driving exam.

Used to see him flying over the World Championship circuits, it is paradoxical to think that a Motorcycling World Champion would not have a driving license.

But this is what happens when your name is Marc Marquez and you are someone who has amazed the whole Motorsport world since you were 15. Marc turned 18 on Thursday, the final day of Moto2 testing at Estoril, and it did not even take him 24 hours to pass his driving test.

Taking advantage of the break in the competition, the Repsol rider worked hard to try and reach one of the aims of any boy of his age: to get the driving license.

After passing the theory exam some weeks ago – he has always been a good student- and turn 18 in Estoril, the Repsol rider celebrated his coming of age Friday by taking the practical exam for the car driving license.

This challenge is never easy, whether you are World Champion or not, but Marc Marquez did a good job and drove with no incidents through the streets of Lleida. His examiner passed him and the Repsol rider is now of age and has his driving license.

Nevertheless, as any other rookie driver at the wheel of a car, he will have to put in his car, clearly visible, the famous "L" for beginner drivers. It will undoubtedly be a curious image.

Marc Marquez (Repsol Moto2) says: "This winter I took advantage of the break to do physical training, which was my priority, but also to get my driving license. At 18 is the objective of any guy of my age.

"Yesterday I turned 18 and today I can say that I have my license. So I will be able to experience new feelings on the road. Now I have to think only about my bike and focus in the next tests that will take place in Jerez."


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