AMA Welcomes Members & Recruits at IMS

International Motorcycle Shows

With cold and snow gripping most of the nation, motorcyclists often plan ahead for the next riding season, and there is no more convenient location for making those plans than the International Motorcycle Shows.

Beginning this weekend, the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) will greet existing members, recruit new ones and educate all riders on today’s big issues in motorcycling at Qwest Field in Seattle, Dec. 10-12.

Dan Stedman (AMA Director of Membership Marketing) says: "Today’s riders have a lot of questions about the threats to motorcycling, such as the lead ban that still targets kids’ bikes, efforts to shut down responsible trail access by environmental groups, and unfair sound laws that target motorcyclists."

"We will be on hand to answer questions about these topics as well as discuss the numerous member benefits of joining the AMA, from product discounts to access to competition events and our efforts to protect the future of motorcycling."

In addition to the Seattle event, the AMA will also attend the Progressive International Motorcycle Shows in Long Beach, Dec. 17-19; Washington, D.C., Jan. 14-16; New York, Jan. 21-23; Cleveland, Jan. 28-30; and Chicago, Feb. 11-13.

AMA members enjoy a generous 25-percent discount off the ticket show price, available when ordering tickets online at using a unique discount code.

Members can find the code by logging in at At the shows, the AMA will be on location with booth space, signing up and renewing members, selling tickets for a chance to win a beautifully restored 1971 Kawasaki Z1 and a new Kawasaki Z1000 in a raffle to benefit the Motorcycle Hall of Fame, as well as delivering the AMA’s message of promoting and protecting motorcycling.

Dan Stedman says: "For 2010-11, the International Motorcycle Shows have been transformed to offer a richer show experience. This is the perfect opportunity for the AMA to get more involved in motorcycling’s No. 1 consumer trade show. Attendees at these shows are dedicated riders whose passion for motorcycling runs deep."

"These are exactly the type of riders who belong in the AMA — riders who care about motorcycling’s future and are ready to help protect our access to the road, trail and race track."

About the American Motorcyclist Association

Since 1924, the AMA has protected the future of motorcycling and promoted the motorcycle lifestyle. AMA members come from all walks of life, and they navigate many different routes on their journey to the same destination: freedom on two wheels.

As the world’s largest motorcycling rights organization, the AMA advocates for motorcyclists’ interests in the halls of local, state and federal government, the committees of international governing organizations, and the court of public opinion. Through member clubs, promoters and partners, the AMA sanctions more motorsports competition and motorcycle recreational events than any other organization in the world.

AMA members receive money-saving discounts from dozens of well-known suppliers of motorcycle services, gear and apparel, bike rental, transport, hotel stays and more. Through its support of the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum, the AMA preserves the heritage of motorcycling for future generations. For more information, please visit


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